The 3 Health Essentials Actress Kristen Bell Swears By

Coconut Oil, Sustainability, and Finding a Cause: How Kristen Bell Keeps Her Life Balanced and Healthy
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Actress Kristen Bell is refreshingly candid and open by Hollywood standards. From sharing her issues with anxiety to her oh-so-relatable struggles with her marriage and children with actor Dax Shepard, Bell keeps it real.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that her recent interview with The Thirty was candid and, of course, relatable.

It’s clear that Bell lives her life with her heart open, but also as consciously as possible. Here’s how she does it — and how you can too.

1. She Shops Sustainably — When She Can

Shopping sustainably is important to Bell, who follows @ecoage on Instagram, which is about fashion waste and how to stop sustainable.

“I try to do it right. I don’t always succeed. I cut corners like everybody does, because you’re busy,” she told The Thirty. “But … I find that being knowledgeable is my best defense to not feel wasteful or unauthentic with the message that I’m delivering. Have I purchased cheap clothes? Of course. Do I need to sometimes for my kids because they ruin everything? Of course. But it’s still a priority for me. So it’s about not beating yourself up, having a good BS detector, and being knowledgeable.”

With the fashion industry being responsible for a huge environmental footprint — conventional cotton alone requires a third of a pound of chemicals to make just one t-shirt — it’s important to choose organic and sustainable clothing as much as possible.

2. She Has a Cause Close to Her Heart

Bell recently announced her involvement with the philanthropic snack company This Bar Saves Lives, which sells an all-natural, non-GMO snack bar. For every bar you buy, the company donates a life-saving nutritional packet to a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

“I had always been a bit preoccupied by the idea that charity is wonderful, but businesses can do better,” she told The Thirty of the company’s inception. “Why is no one doing a one-for-one giveback in the food space?”

Though it was easy for her to choose a cause to champion, the actress understands how complicated it can be to decide on which cause you should donate your time and money to, which is why she suggests to keep it simple: follow your heart.

“Don’t ever let anyone discourage you about what speaks to your heart. Because everyone’s heart is different. If you are tugged on your heartstrings by animal causes, do it,” she said. “Everyone’s different, and everybody has a passion, and whatever your passion is—if it’s the environment, if it’s saving the tigers, whatever—[do it].”

After all, studies have shown that people who volunteer for a cause are, in fact, happier than those who don’t.

3. She’s a Coconut Oil Devotee

When it comes to combatting her sensitive skin, Bell keeps it simple by using coconut oil.

“I sometimes take my makeup off with it, my eye makeup mostly. But I use it as an all-over body moisturizer. Just like food grade coconut oil. I love it,” she said.

The benefits of coconut oil are numerous, from weight loss to improving digestion. When it comes to beauty, coconut oil is great for skin because not only is it super hydrating, but it’s also naturally antibacterial and antifungal, which means its perfect for acne-prone skin. And it’s usually way cheaper — and more sustainable — than Sephora options.

The Takeaway

You don’t need to be a celebrity like Bell to shop sustainably, volunteer for your favorite cause, or add coconut oil to your beauty routine. The actress proves that we can all do our part, whether we’re in Hollywood or not.

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