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Delicious Downtime: 6 Ways Get Some This Summer

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Close your eyes, feel the warm air, and listen to the sounds of the season. Now, do nothing. Chill. Relax. Chillax, if you’re the sort…Don’t have enough downtime? You’re not alone. People today think that they have less free time than ever before. However recent time use surveys show that Americans actually have more time for leisure in life previous generations. Could busyness be an illusion? If you tend Type A and find it difficult to slow down and relax, try carving out some Grade A downtime this summer and remember what it feels like to do nothing.

Let your brain wander and your body rest and indulge your human need for downtime. Summertime heat makes us slower and less productive, a perfectly logical reason to take some time off from the to-dos. Downtime usually doesn’t require leaving the house, putting on makeup or sending any emails, texts or updates.

Discover your personal idea of perfect downtime by trying the delicious ideas below:

1. Treat yourself to a newmanicure and newmagazines. Got a hot stack of new reads and some tacky-looking claws? Get thee to a nail salon or just prop yourself up on the couch for a manicure session. Follow it with a leisurely eye-stroll through your favorite magazines, be they fashion, food, travel or just plain trash.

2. The nap is a peak downtime experience, so do it right. Don’t just nod off on the sofa; lay proper flat on your bed with a pillow. Shut the blinds, kill the lights and turn off any noisemakers – then set your alarm. You don’t want to sleep longer than 45-90 minutes or else you’ll wake up in a fog.

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3. Call your best buddy over, because it’s time for a movie night, and ask them to bring the pop and popcorn if you don’t already have some stocked. Online streaming sites like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu give you easy access to thousands of movies old and new. Plop on the couch, turn down the lights and relax.

4. Lie on the ground under a ceiling fan and do nothing. Even better, lie on the earth under a tree in the shade. Let your mind roam wherever it wants, but don’t try to sort through problems or meditate. Just be – and you might be surprised to find your creative problem solving powers improve.

5. Pamper yourself with an easy evening spa experience. First warm a fluffy bath towel in the dryer and bring it to the bathroom. Then start with a long, leisurely shower using your best shampoo and soap. Exfoliate with a scrub or loofah and be sure to deep condition your hair. Dry off on your warm towel and moisturize all over, before wrapping up in a big bathrobe and chilling out!

6. Toast the sunset with a glass of wine or even a cup of tea. It doesn’t matter if you’re by yourself, with friends or with someone special; when the sunset approaches, stop and take a moment to remember the fleeting beauty of life. Toast your supreme fortune, give thanks for the day and indulge the sensual pleasure of taste.


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