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2 DIY Cucumber Recipes for Summer Sun Skin Care

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I don’t know about you, but I have two beauty objectives when summer begins: 1. Stay cool; 2. Smell splendid. Sadly, these two things are difficult to achieve once the temperature climbs north of 80-degrees Fahrenheit.

Luckily, I recently clicked across these two following DIY cooling and pleasant smelling beauty products. Both concoctions are full of natural ingredients and feature the coolest fruit of them all: the cucumber. Either cucumber spray will help subdue the summer sweats, and will leave your body smelling marvelous.

Cucumber beauty benefits

According to The Chalkboard, cucumbers are spectacular skin-calmers. Cucumbers are filled with all sorts of good stuff:

  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C): Can prevent water retention.
  • Antothenic acid (vitamin B5): Can help your body keep moisture.
  • Vitamin K: Can help remove excess hemoglobin, which can cause dark circles under your eyes.
  • Retinol (vitamin A): Can help control, or reduce melanin, which can cause dark skin spots.
  • Silica: Helps build collagen.
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From the Organic Authority Files

1. The Chalkboard’s Cooling Cucumber Toner

1-2 organic cucumbers
Witch hazel, or rose water

Colander and bowl
Sterilized glass jar, or bottle

Grate a washed, organic cucumber into your colander. Make certain to set it over a bowl. After the cucumber is grated, squeeze the grated pieces to collect the juice. Measure the amount of cucumber juice and add an equal amount of witch hazel, or rose water, to create the toner. Pour mixture into a sterilized glass jar, or bottle. Apply to skin by using a cotton ball that’s soaked in the toner, or splash, or spray the toner onto your clean skin! Store in the fridge. Keeps for up to 10 days.

2. Cucumber Aloe Face and Body Mist from Free People’s Blog

1 organic cucumber
1 squeeze of organic lemon
1 teaspoon aloe vera gel
1 tablespoon rosewater

Cheese cloth
Small bowl
Spray bottle

Peel the organic cucumber and cut it into small pieces. Place the vegetable pieces in a blender and blend them on high for about a minute. Cover a small bowl with cheese cloth and strain the cucumber’s juice into your bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients into the bowl and mix. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and mist. Store the bottle in your fridge so it doesn’t spoil. It will be good for about a week.

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