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Facial Mists: Your Ultimate Summer Beauty Essential

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Facial mists are like an ocean breeze captured in a bottle. (Minus the saltiness.) When you give your face a light spritz, the mist feels barely there, but completely refreshing all at the same time. And facial mists do so much more than just feel lovely. A few sprays can wake up your skin, feeding it with a burst of hydration and nutrients.

These misty beauty products have been around for a while, but the older versions were little more than mineral or thermal water. Today’s facial mists seriously step up the hydration factor. The right ones contain a skin-intoxicating mix of botanical extracts, essential oils and glycerin—all hydrating ingredients that bind moisture to your skin. They can also calm redness from too much sun and cool your body temperature.

And, no, you can’t achieve the same effect by spraying tap water on your face. Facial mists made from natural and organic ingredients coat your skin in a light layer of uber-moisturizing elements. Tap water might cool you off, but it won’t leave your skin moisturized. After the water evaporates, it can actually make your skin drier than it was before.

Whether you just got out of the shower, need an afternoon perk up or want to set your makeup, a few sprays of a facial mist can enliven your skin, making it feel instantly moisturized and fresh. You can apply facial mists several different ways to give your skin a glow. For ultimate moisturizing, apply your facial mist after cleansing and before you rub on your morning moisturizer. This will lock in the moisture left on your skin from cleansing. To set your makeup and give your skin that dewy look, give your mist a tiny spray and step into it (like you would when you put on perfume) after you apply your makeup. You can also use a facial mist anytime throughout the day for a skin pick-me-up.

A facial mist is the soothing summer beauty essential you’ll want to add to your skin care routine. We’ve rounded up three lovely options made using organic and natural ingredients for you to mist on.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist

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Feed your face with the blend of antioxidant-rich juices in this facial mist. Made with USDA-certified organic aloe vera juice, organic white grape juice and lovely rosehip extract, ylang ylang extract and grapeseed oil, this facial mist serves up a fresh radiant complexion with every spritz. It also helps tone skin without giving you that too-tight feeling.

Primavera Moisturizing Organic Refreshing Mist

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With a mixture of fruit waters as its main ingredients, it’s no wonder this mist from Primavera is so refreshing. It contains delicate orange blossom water, witch hazel water and rose geranium water. Witch hazel in particular is known to calm skin, but this mist also includes aloe vera extract and cassis water for hydration.

Blissoma Solutions Intense Hydration Tonique

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Like an herbal tea for your skin, this tonique offers a blend of hydrating herbs and botanicals to soothe skin. The base of this tonique is calming organic cucumber, which contains silica, magnesium, potassium and caffeic acid. (The cucumber also gives the tonique its refreshing scent.) A brew of organic oatstraw, horsetail, plantain and dandelion add minerals to the tonique, while organic burdock and heather flowers bring antioxidants and anti-inflamatory properties.

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