5 All-Natural Beauty Tips From Celebrity Makeup Artist Mayela Vazquez

3 All-Natural Beauty Tips From Celebrity Makeup Artist Mayela Vazquez

Complicated, costly skincare regimen got you down? We recently chatted with celeb makeup artist Mayela Vazquez about simple, effective, all natural beauty rituals that won’t break the bank. We were especially curious about her tried-and-true methods for pampering skin before makeup application, as it’s a step that can be easily overlooked or rushed. Luckily, Vazquez has prepped many A-listers for magazine covers and red-carpet events, and she shared a few product faves and brilliant DIY concoctions.

All-Natural Beauty Tips

1. Rose Water
Vazquez suggests using a rose water toner before and after your makeup routine. Rose water helps balance skin pH which promotes healthy, glowing skin throughout the day. It also minimizes redness and sensitivity while sealing makeup.

Rosa Damascena 100 Pure Bulgarian Rose Water .95
Rosa Damascena 100 Pure Bulgarian Rose Water $19.95

2. Cucumber Eye Patches
“I personally like eye patches a lot”, says Vazquez. “My favorite natural way to create at-home patches is by cutting natural, organic cotton pads in half then mixing cucumber slices in a chamomile tea and a few drops of vitamin E for an extra boost. Pour the mixture on the cotton pads and leave them soaking in the fridge for 15 minutes, then apply before makeup. These three ingredients will help de-puff under eye bags and they will brighten and tone down dark circle pigmentation.”

These infused pads are great to apply 20 minutes before makeup and can be re-used again before going to sleep. (store in the fridge)

3. Honey Lip Balm
Always prep your lips before applying makeup to ensure your lip products go on smooth and don’t crack! To prep and plump, you can either use a clear natural lip balm or honey mixed with raw sugar to exfoliate and hydrate. 

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4. Face Peel
A Glycolic Face Peel can be used to reduce wrinkles, treat blemishes and heal acne scars. Glycolic acid is typically derived from sugar cane and is found naturally in yogurt, vinegar, apples and blackberries, among others. It encourages cell turnover, helps to unclog pores and sloughs off dead skin cells.

You can prepare and apply a Glycolic Face Mask in the comfort of your own home, here’s how:

  1. Mix 1/4 cup of white cane sugar and 1/4 cup of yogurt.
  2. Use your fingers to apply the mask, avoiding the eye area.
  3. Let the mask rest in your skin for 15 minutes and remove with cool water.

“Flawless makeup application starts with healthy skin”, says Vazquez. Using a Glycolic Mask prior to applying makeup allows products to blend in even-toned consistency.

Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant $90.00

We are loving this all-natural resurfacing mask by Tracie Martyn. With a blend of AHA’s to gently exfoliate, kojic acid to reduce pigmentation and Kaolin clay to unclog pores, this mask takes your skin from dull to glowing! It’s the perfect pre-makeup mask.

5. Hyaluronic Acid
Keep your eyes out for products which contain Hyaluronic Acid. This key ingredient keeps skin hydrated, nourished and deeply moisturized. Proper hydration plumps skin, smooths fine lines and minimizes the appearance of large pores. A Hyaluronic acid serum also works as a primer by prepping skin for a smooth makeup application.

Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum $88.00

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