These 7 Mind-Blowing Beauty Truths are Why Rose-Marie Swift is Hollywood’s Fave Green Makeup Artist

Rose-Marie Swift, Green Makeup Artist to Hollywood, Spills Her Mind-Blowing Beauty Truths

Rose-Marie Swift might’ve revolutionized the beauty industry with her clean, green makeup line, her raw coconut oil worthy of queens, and legendary Living Luminizer highlighter that looks gorgeous on literally everyone, but she didn’t do it following so-called “rules” or online trends. The truth is far, really, really quite far from it.

We sat down with the makeup artist who’s enhanced the faces of Gisele Bundchen, Zoe Saldana, and Miranda Kerr, in hopes of gleaning some of her know-how via osmosis (we didn’t, but we got some cold, hard beauty truths you want to read STAT).

1. For designer-level lipstick, you need to compromise a smidgen.

RMS Beauty’s new Wild With Desire lipstick collection is chockfull of nature’s best, such as castor and jojoba oils, turmeric extract, and even a dab of the luxurious RMS Beauty Oil. But to get that richly pigmented, vividly stunning color, you can’t just go with fruit pigments, which is unstable and fades quickly, according to Swift. The Wild With Desire lipsticks contain 0.5% to 1% synthetic colors, which is safe and offers major color payoff.

Swift shared her Wild With Desire lipsticks with us and they are everything you’d expect from the iconic makeup artist. The pigments are incredibly rich and concentrated, they nourish your lips, and leave your pout feeling light and moisturized. (If you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was from Tom Ford.)

2. There’s no such thing as 24-hour lipstick.

Let’s be real: If you’re eating, drinking, swimming, or doing anything else that involves contact with your lips, you can’t expect color to look the same for 24 hours, so Swift doesn’t promise hers does. (And if you do find traditional lipstick that says it is but isn’t a tattoo, proceed with a healthy dose of skepticism.)

3. If your lips are dry, avoid SPF.

No lipstick will look good if you apply it over a flaking pout, but SPF will exacerbate the peeling and dehydration. The good news is lipsticks with botanical ingredients contain natural SPF, such as coconut and shea butter.

image via RMS

4. Don’t draw on a bigger mouth.

If you want your puckers to look more voluminous, refrain from painting your lipstick outside of your natural lips or going crazy with a dark lip liner. Over time, the lipstick will fade and it will look weird. Instead, add a hint of luminizer on your cupid’s bow, the upper center area of your lips, for instant faux lip-filling effect.

5. Choosing lipsticks based on undertones is BS.

There are rules posted all over the beauty ’net about what shades you can wear depending on your skin’s natural color. Swift says cut it out—just try on a lipstick and if you like it, wear it. It’s as simple as that.

6. Don’t conceal what needs not be concealed.

Concealer is more straightforward than you think: focus only on the dark circles (instead of spreading it out all over your cheekbones and temples) and don’t go lighter than your actual skin tone.

7. Illuminate your high points.

To be clear, your high points include the corner of eyes, above your lips, cheekbones, and down the nose, but not the tip of your nose nor under your eyebrows. Oh, and if you want to dab a bit on the center of your eyelids, it helps open them up.

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