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From Rose Oil to Rose Water: The Skincare Benefits of Roses

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skin benefits of roses

Roses smell beautiful, feminine and light. They are as sensual as they are innocent, and are a symbol of so very much--from love to forgiveness to beauty and nature. They tantalize the lover as much as they do the senses. Your skin is no stranger to the wooing ways of roses. Learn how roses improve your complexion and enhance the beauty of your skin with rose oil and rose water.

Rose oil has been shown to moisturize dry skin as well as exhibited antibacterial properties. This is good news for those with acne-ridden skin, as rose oil both hydrates the skin and then cleans it of bacteria that incite acne. Rose oil additionally fights inflammation and helps to restore skin texture and treat skin diseases, such as psoriasis and dermatitis. Rosehip seed oil has also been used to diminish skin pigmentation.

Roses run the gamut in terms of proven topical skin benefits. And they don't stop there. Rose oil vapor has also shown the ability to protect against oxidative stress, which is associated with depression. In a study among postpartum women, rose oil demonstrated its strength and effectiveness as a safe, all-natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety treatment. So, a little rose oil on the face not only improves your complexion but also your mood and overall mental well-being.

Use organic pure rose water as a toner, post cleansing, and then apply a rose moisturizer. One of my personal favorites is Body Deli's Crema de la Rose, which is a raw, rose-scented moisturizer fit for normal to dry skin. It uses Bulgarian rose oil and helps to protect against aging. Its scent sticks with you all day, and in a refreshing way. For $75 a pop, this product has lasted more than 6 months for me!

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