Gemstone Organics: Crystal Power for Flawless Skin

Gemstone Organics: Crystal Power for Skin [Interview]

What gal doesn’t love gems? They are beautiful, powerful, and feminine. They also hold healing and nurturing powers for skin. That’s right, skin. One organic company is using gems and crystals for a healthier skincare experience–not to mention chakra balancing benefits and pure organic ingredients.

Didn’t expect to find gem essence in your skincare? Maybe not, but you’ll be surprised to discover the benefits of these beauties when applied to skin.

Meet Gemstone Organics. The 100 percent USDA Certified Organic skincare products that are also raw and food grade. Creators, Debra and Sara, are serious about creating simple products that are healthy and therapeutic for skin.

Why gemstones? According to the founders, gemstones and crystals have regenerative and energetic properties. Each gemstone and gem juice essence relates to a different chakra in the body, as well as holds unique skin benefits. For instance, Organic Gold Crème is made with gem essence from raw gold, which encourages cell turnover, holds antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and helps to balance the solar plexus chakra.

I had the opportunity to sample a couple of Gemstone products – Organic Rose Quartz Face Crème and Organic Gem Juice Lavender Hydrosol. The face crème is infused with rose quartz, kunzite, and smokey quartz. The hydrosol contains amethyst and sunstone crystals.

Gem and crystal power is a cool twist to skincare, but these products are more than just a new take on healthy cosmetics. The ingredients used are pure and completely nontoxic. The face crème is rich and hydrating, yet very mild with a light, pleasant scent. Something you could use on sensitive skin. My favorite way to use? Spritz skin with hydrosol after applying the crème and watch your skin do a happy dance.

Let’s find out more about this lovely organic brand and how they are using gemstones to create healthy skincare.

Liz Thompson:You use gemstones in your skincare. How do gems benefit the skin?

Gemstone Organics: Gemstones have been used for centuries (if not longer) for their healing and nurturing abilities. They benefit the skin with their high vibrational as well as physical, mineral properties. Gemstones are considered a precious variety of stone, and they can be compared to the way our skin benefits from a traditional mineral springs soak! We have found a unique way to capture this holistic healing process and share it within our skincare formulas.

LT: How are the gemstones used in your products?

GO: Gemstone elixirs and essences are an ancient way people have been absorbing the healing properties of gemstones. We use a few different methods for our essences such as infusion and crystal grids, depending on the type of gems we are using. This is a sacred and ceremonial process, which in our experience creates a more powerful elixir. Working closely with the energetic devas/spirits of all of our ingredients is very important to us and enhances the quality of our final product.

LT: Can you tell us a bit about how each essence is connected to the different chakras?

GO: Our Essences and essential oils blend well together for the skin and the body. Our crèmes are not always for one skin type or for one chakra! Some of them provide the ability to combine and nurture more than one chakra. We believe that not only are we drawn to the crème for skin type but to the gemstone that our intuition is calling. Not only do our essences connect to the different chakras, so do our essential oils – its part of what we call the Trifecta of the plants + waters + minerals. They all work together to address the different skin types and energetic/emotional needs. Lets take the Jade crème for example, made with gem essence of jade and black tourmaline. It has lovely calming and balancing properties. The essential oils of vetiver (also known as the fragrance of the soil) and thyme give it an earthy aroma that blends beautifully with the black tourmaline in its grounding effect on the body, mind and spirit. Jade, a heart chakra gemstone, works hand in hand with the grapefruit essential oil to nurture and uplift – this is how the magical combination works for your skin and your soul!

LT: Your products are made with 100% organic ingredients and free from synthetics?

GO: We are proud of our ingredients and we work hard to keep them raw, organic and free of all preservatives, alcohols, and synthetics. In order to keep them fresh we use food-grade ingredients and handcraft them in small batches, often! Our products do have a shorter shelf life than other products that contain preservatives and fillers. However, our customers love to feed their skin our fresh and raw skincare. They can also feel the alchemy of LOVE and healing that is created as we blend the trifecta. Handcrafting for us is a joyful, sacred dance.

We are leaders in this Radically Holistic Skin Care Movement and look forward to linking arms with other companies who keep their ingredients pure, clean and safe!

LT: What is one beauty tip all women should know?

GO: Healthy + Happy = Beautiful. Believe it and radiate your inner glow!!

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Image courtesy Gemstone Organics.