9 Natural Beauty Hacks to Stop Aging in Its Tracks

9 Natural Beauty Hacks to Stop Aging in Its Tracks

How to defy aging? This seems to be the main request in beauty. Certainly none of us looks forward to lines and sagging. But are the most common treatments safe or even effective? What you need are natural anti-aging beauty hacks that are simple and actually work.

There are so many anti-aging beauty products and treatments on the market it makes the mind swim. Do you need this one for eyes? This for face? Another for lips? How about a treatment or serum or scrub? Maybe you need to see a dermatologist for laser or chemical peels. Possibly even an injection or two.

Hold on. You don’t need high tech tricks or billion dollar creams in order to keep your skin looking its best. There are plenty of natural beauty hacks to preserve your youthful complexion. Some even right in your own kitchen.

Not a DIY wizard? No problem. Experts say a healthy diet and supplement regimen can go a long way toward beating the clock. Many natural ingredients are also very effective when applied topically. Get in on these easy ways to ensure your complexion stays looking its best.

9 Natural Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks

1. Hydrate with aloe: You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again. Can’t beat proper hydration for supporting youthful skin. It plumps, flushes toxins, and produces that natural glow. Of course, drinking plenty of water is good for the body, inside and out. Another way to keep skin hydrated is with natural ingredients, like aloe and honey. Aloe is cooling and calming, making it an ideal choice for those with irritated or sensitive skin. Honey is a natural humectant, great for drawing moisture to dry skin. Either can be used on its own, or with a bit of coconut or vitamin E oil added to give skin an extra charge of hydration.

2. Defend with antioxidants: Fight free radicals with a hit of antioxidants. Free radicals from toxins and too much UV exposure cause skin to age more rapidly, and have even been linked to skin cancer. Colorful foods, like berries and peppers, hold major antioxidant benefits. Green tea is another good source.

3. Support with vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of skin’s best friends when it comes to fighting aging. You know it as a means to warding off colds and flu in winter months. But vitamin C also plays a supporting role in keeping skin healthy and looking great. It supports collagen production, protects against UV damage, helps to fade spots, and revives tired looking skin. Aging skin naturally loses vitamin C over time, so it is important to make sure you are treating it to a healthy dose.

4. Repair with CoQ10:CoQ10 isn’t just for heart health. It neutralizes free radicals and helps give cells the nutrients they need, keeping the body and skin healthy. The body naturally produces less of this enzyme as we age, which affects the skin’s appearance by inhibiting its ability to produce collagen and elastin.

  • CoQ10 supplements can help to repair damage and improve skin’s appearance
  • Enlist the help of YULI Liquid Courage with CoQ10

5. Refresh with fruit acids: Exfoliation is key to healthy, happy skin. But harsh chemical ingredients or over scrubbing can do more damage than good. One of the gentlest and most effective ways of removing dry, dead skin cells is with natural fruit acids. The acids dissolve dead cells without irritating or abrading skin.

6. Protect with mineral sunscreen: This may go without saying, but is so important. Regular use of sunscreen is shown to not only protect against skin cancer and sun spots, but prevent premature aging. The best way to protect your skin? Mineral sunscreen. So apply a generous helping of your favorite UV protection every single day. Don’t have a fave mineral sunscreen? We have you covered. Check out our guide to the best of the best in natural sunscreens. If using an old standby, make sure it is made with the healthiest natural sunscreen ingredients.

  • Add a dab of mineral sunscreen to your daily moisturizer
  • Invest in a tinted moisturizer (choose from our guide)
  • For sheer coverage with protection you will love a BB Cream

7. Renew with sleep: You may not think it makes that big a difference, but lack of sleep can take a toll on your skin. And we are not just talking dark circles, though those are a good reason to catch enough Zs. Skipping hours at night makes skin look saggy, sallow, and lifeless. Shut the laptop and get yourself to bed on time. You will be rewarded in the morning with a firm, glowing complexion.

8. De-Stress with anti-inflammatories: You’ve likely heard of the link between inflammation and disease. Well, it can be pretty hard on appearance too. Inflammation due to toxins, stress, and bad habits can prompt premature aging of skin. An anti-inflammatory diet, exercising regularly, and de-stressing with meditation are all effective ways to reduce inflammation. You can apply topical anti-inflammatory ingredients to skin. Turmeric is not only anti-inflammatory, but reduces wrinkles and brightens the complexion.

9. Maintain with omega-3s: One thing all skin needs to stay healthy and radiant? Essential fatty acids. Omega-3s regulate moisture balance and keep skin supple. Avocado and olive oils are both healthy choices for a boost of anti-aging, either added to the diet or applied directly to skin. Tip: olive oil makes a terrific makeup remover and facial cleanser for dry skin.

Cancel that derm appointment and back away from the chemicals. There are plenty of healthy options for keeping skin young and healthy right in your own home.

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