GloPRO is the Tool All Natural Beauty Lovers Need


Despite spending at least a full minute massaging in my serums and moisturizers with my fingertips on top of the occasional jade rolling, I’m perpetually worried my skincare elixirs aren’t absorbing deeply enough. This fear was heightened when, years ago, I began using totally natural and organic products. I can easily visualize harsh chemicals penetrating down to my bones, but rose oils and aloe vera, in my irrational mind, merely sit on top of skin, coating the outermost stratum. But the truth is, all of our skincare products can use a little help getting into the hidden layers of skin. And I’ve finally found the way: the GloPRO.

GloPRO is a microneedling tool you can use at home (a more intense—and uncomfortable—procedure is available professionally, with aestheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons). If you aren’t in the know already, microneedling is the process of rolling teeny needles over your skin. The idea is that by injuring your skin a little, it jumpstarts your skin’s innate healing mechanism and starts repairing itself by producing more collagen, the protein responsible for plump and firm skin. Microneedling also paves way for your topical treatments to flood in. These two benefits together, theoretically, produce smoother, uplifted skin. GloPRO takes it one step further: as you glide the thorny cylinder on your skin, the device emits a red LED light, known for its ability to help stimulate collagen production while calming inflammation and healing.

GloPRO Is the Tool All Natural Beauty Lovers Need

I first discovered GloPRO when I saw it pop up all over the glossy pages of magazines and Instagram. I was instantly jealous of all these women pricking their seemingly flawless complexions while appearing so calm and luminous. And when I saw GloPRO’s claims—97% of their research participants thought their skin looked younger and firmer, while 93% saw “an improvement in the evenness of their skin tone” after using three times per week for 30 days—I had to try it.

GloPRO is simple to incorporate into your existing skincare regimen. You roll it over your skin horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for about a minute, focusing on areas you consider problematic. Mainly bothered by new newly formed expression and eleven lines (the creases that form between your brows when you frown), I used the tool over my forehead but also the areas flanking my nose and mouth. You do this on dry skin right after you cleanse and before you proceed with your usual topicals. If you’re the type of person who rushes through your skincare application, this could be difficult for you, but the needles could serve as a reminder to slow down (because, trust me, you won’t rush through this). A quick splash and slather hasn’t done good for anyone!

The main challenge I faced was learning the level of pressure to apply. Because my skin likes to surprise me with sensitivity whenever it feels like it, I rolled the GloPRO way too light at first, the way you would when you tickle someone with a feather. I knew that wasn’t enough. The second time around I applied more pressure, enough so that if I pushed the needles in any harder it would cause mild pain. After my minute of rolling, my skin was flushed but I felt no discomfort. I continued this same pressure for the next month. And like the people in GloPRO’s study, I used the device three times a week, making sure I didn’t apply anything crazy (like acids) right afterwards.

I didn’t see much of a change after the first two weeks, which disappointed me because I’m extremely impatient and had high hopes from other reviewers who were shocked by their results after a single night. But in the third and fourth weeks, I finally saw what all their fuss was about. Having become so accustomed to the GloPRO routine, I didn’t even give it credit when I noticed that my skin looked so good. My most troublesome area is my forehead, and it was smoother and clearer than I’ve seen it for ages. The little lines that appear when I raise my eyebrows were less visible. My cheeks felt soft and looked more voluminous.

I stopped using GloPRO for two weeks to see what would happen to my skin without it. Yes I know, what kind of masochist would voluntarily jettison something that makes you look awesome? But I needed to conduct my own study, damn it. And lo and behold, I kid you not, my skin started looking shitty again. The tool doesn’t market itself as a blemish treatment, but my pesky forehead blemishes reappeared, my pores appeared to reemerge, and my skin looked less smooth overall.

It goes without saying that I’ll be gliding the GloPRO on my skin moving forward. Sure, I’ll still have bad days (no skincare treatment can combat the effects of stress and weekend indulgences), but it’s improved my the general state of my complexion. Now I really trust that my marula oils and green tea extracts are getting in there and working their miracles.

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