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Gordon Ramsay, Stupid!


Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef and first class whackadoo, recently RAILED against vegetarians. Saying if one of his KIDS went veggie, he’d sit them on the fence and electrocute them!

And now, the fuehrer of Hell’s Kitchen, calls organic food, in this case Prince Charles's brand, over-priced and boring. More from Digital Spy:

The celebrity chef told the Daily Telegraph that he is "upset" by the Duchy Original brand, claiming that the Prince is using his status to promote sales.

"I am upset with him. When I looked at his Duchy food I was gob-smacked, amazed and dumbfounded at what I discovered. Why would anyone pay that much money for one of his pies?

"I tried them. Just because it has a stamp and his royal crest everyone thinks it is fine, but the number of sodiums, and the sugar content, is embarrassing," he said.

Ramsay conceded that profits do go to charity, but said processed meats should not be used.

Duchy Originals CEO Andrew Baker said the products are made of "wholesome, natural ingredients, grown in a sustainable way".

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From the Organic Authority Files

Okay, I agree with him about processed meats, but organic food is HARDLY boring. It’s AWESOME as hell!

Not only does it taste GREAT, but its eco-sustainability will help SAVE the planet. Now that’s exciting!

Via Ecorazzi.

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