Happy National Big ‘O’ Day! Here are 5 All-Natural Products to Bring to the Party

Happy National Big 'O’ Day! Here are 5 All-Natural Products to Bring to the Party

Yes! Yes! Yes! National Big “O” Day is July 31st, and we’re here to help you kick off your celebration with a bang. Not only have we sourced five amazing, all-natural products that are perfect for partnered or solo play, but each of these is geared toward helping you climax.

1. Chakrubs Wand

Touted as a pleasure or intimate massage wand that “absorbs negative energy and helps to release mental stress and promote emotional well-being,” the Black Obsidian Xaga toy from Chakrubs could potentially help you push through mental cloudiness, override inhibition, and feel more comfortable within yourself when trying to achieve the big “o.”

Whether partnered or alone, the Xaga’s material, natural black obsidian crystal, is also believed to promote the alleviation of fears and worries, the enhancement of stamina and vigor, and the making of wise decisions–which, in this case, is most definitely reaching climax.

Every toy from Chakrubs is either made from natural crystal or wood, “bringing a sense of sacredness to your playtime.” Handcrafted and so beautiful you might even leave these sitting on top of (rather than inside) your nightstand, Chakrubs intimate wands, eggs, and toys are designed to balance your body, promote healing, and lend a positive effect to your electromagnetic field.

2. Sex Dust

Stress is a huge libido crusher, and when your libido is in a funk, how the heck are you supposed to climax? Fortunately, like so many other problems we face, Moon Juice has a powder for that.

The holistic brand’s Sex Dust is a said to be “an adaptogenic blend of lusty superherbs and Shatavari that help combat the effects of stress to ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom.”

This cacao-based powder can be added to all sorts of drinks and foods–coffee, smoothies, hot chocolate, and even ice cream–but you can get creative with it. Whip up a batch of Sex Dust cookies or dark chocolate bark and feed it to your partner for a little food-oriented foreplay that will also help get your body ready for the big “o.”

3. Lifestyles Lubricant

Dr. Emily Morse, sexologist, host of the Sex With Emily podcast, and sexual health expert for Lifestyles and SKYN condoms, shares the importance of incorporating a water-based lubricant into your sex life. Whether engaging in solo self-pleasure or partnered sex, she encourages couples and individuals to always reach for the lube.

On the stigma often attached to using lubricants, Dr. Morse had this to say: “Despite what you may have heard, our natural lubrication is not an indication of our arousal. The fact is, using extra lubricant enhances your sexual enjoyment, reduces pain during sex, and increases the probability that you’ll [climax].”

Once such lubricant to incorporate is the all-natural formula from Lifestyles. Free of parabens and fragrances, as well as being made from 99 percent natural ingredients, this lube covers all the important health-related concerns and is compatible with latex products, making it great for people with skin sensitivities who also want to get on the big “o” bandwagon.

4. Come As You Are

Yeah, we know, it’s a book, but hear us out! Sometimes clarity and a deeper understanding of what you need and how your body works are what you really need in order to climax, and climax often, which is exactly what “Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life” promotes.

Described as “An essential exploration of why and how women’s sexuality works—based on groundbreaking research and brain science—that will radically transform your sex life into one filled with confidence and joy,” we think this book is definitely a great way to not only celebrate National Big “O” Day, but to also celebrate yourself.

Don’t be surprised if while reading this book, you experience moments of clarity, gain a truer understanding about female sexuality, and feel validation that every woman (Yes, you!) is different in the way she is able to reach and achieve climax, and that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

5. ON Arousal Oil

Perfect for those times you’re aroused but just can’t seem to “get there,” incorporating a stimulating oil might be just what the doctor ordered–Dr. Jennifer Berman, that is. Medically endorsed by one of our favorite female sexual health and wellness experts, ON Arousal Oil is ideal for all types of sexual play.

All-natural and botanically-based, this oil creates a warm, buzzing sensation that awakens nerve endings and increases blood flow. Recommended for use on your pleasure button, if ya know what I mean, all you have to do is apply 1 to 2 drops on your finger, massage it in, and wait 5 minutes…if you can!

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