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How to Change Your Skincare Routine for Every Climate and Season

How to Change Your Skincare Routine for Every Climate and Season


You have your skincare routine down. Products you love, layering game is solid, no nasty toxins hanging around. Then the season shifts or you head to a different climate and your skin reacts like an unruly toddler. Here’s how to keep your skin happy as you move through seasonal and climate changes, plus some travel tips you’ll love.

Even minor variances in climate can leave skin with different needs. While switching up your well-loved skincare routine may not sound like fun, it doesn’t have to be difficult. A simple swap or addition to your regimen can make all the difference in your complexion.

Seasonal Skin Shifts: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Often we wait until we signs of unhappy skin and then attempt to treat the problem. You know how your complexion is all soft and dewy once spring arrives, then you end up battling zits and congestion mid-summer? Or maybe your skin gets to the red and irritated phase each winter before you rescue it with a healthy balm.

We modify our diets and wardrobes to align with the season and climate we are in. Who wants a bowl of soup in 95 degree weather or a smoothie bowl on a chilly morning? Okay, maybe a smoothie bowl once in a while in the winter for yum factor, but you get the idea. Your skin requires different care in different climes.

The best way to know when it’s time to switch things up in your skincare routine is by how you feel. Are you pulling out the sweaters and socks or are you still wearing flowy tops and strappy sandals daily?

If your wardrobe is leaning more toward fall, take a closer look at your skin. If the glow you had all summer long is starting to fade, you notice that your skin isn’t as soft or supple as usual, or maybe you feel the need to exfoliate more often, it’s time to up the moisture.

But it’s not all about adjusting your moisturization products. Changing your cleansing routine, how you layer your skincare, and adding in a multi-tasker or seasonal product is beneficial, too.

4 Seasonal Swaps for Your Skincare Routine

How You Cleanse — In summer months you likely use a cleanser, at least most days, that is light and balances excess oil. Cooling and soothing ingredients, like aloe, are also good for hot and humid months. As the season becomes cooler and drier, you may want to incorporate a milk or cream cleanser on days where skin needs extra hydration.

A great way to transition your skincare from summer to fall or winter to spring is by combining two products, or skincare cocktailing. Mix a bit of your warm weather cleanser into your cream cleanser for a fresh cleanse with added moisturizing ingredients.

How You Layer — Read our primer on layering if you need a refresher. The basics of layering are lightest products to heaviest, and the more active products closer to the skin. If you are looking to ramp up your moisture game, try a richer serum or topping off your nighttime moisturizer with a skin balm.

A change in season or climate as you travel is also a good time to look at your skincare treatments. Choose a treatment that addresses your current skincare issues. If you see more breakouts in the summer, use an acne prevention treatment in those months. Maybe you need a boost in plumping and firming when the weather is dry, or soothing ingredients to diminish redness or irritation.

How You Moisturize — Summertime dryness is different than wintertime dryness. In the summer the skin needs hydrating ingredients that are light, cooling, and soothing. In winter, when skin tends to be chapped and irritated, opt for moisturizing ingredients that are rich and protect against wind and cold.

You don’t have to give up your warm weather moisturizer. Supplement its hydrating power with a few drops of nourishing facial oil. A serum made with super moisturizing oils is another way to banish dryness, and keep skin comfy and glowing.

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Seasonal Skincare Saviors

The tips above will get you started building your seasonal skincare routine, but there are a few must-have products that benefit all skin types and get you through the seasons. These beauties also happen to be travel-handy.

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Facial Mist

Facial Mist — A facial mist is one of the most underrated beauty products. It cleanses, tones, hydrates, refreshes, calms, and can even remove makeup in a pinch. They work in any season or climate, and are super easy to stow and use.

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Facial Mist is a multitasking beauty that offers all of the above benefits and smells divine. So, no worries if you forget your fragrance on your next escape. This mist smells good enough to stand in as perfume, so give your body a spritz, too.

In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Instant Radiance Haute Concentre

Skin Balm — Not only for winter, skin balm has many uses year-round. Balms soothe, hydrate, soften, and are superstars at removing makeup. Use to soften callouses and dry patches, and apply liberally at night for an infusion of good-for-skin oils.

FLEUR VIBRANTE Instant Radiance Haute Concentre" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Instant Radiance Haute Concentre couldn’t be any more convenient (or beautiful). Pick one up for your bag and be sure it makes its way on your next adventure.

Aurelia Skincare Brightening Botanical Essence

Facial Essences — A darling of Korean beauty, think of these as a cross between a toner and a serum. It feels like a liquid but has moisturizing properties. Apply to clean skin before applying your facial oil, or add a few drops of oil to the essence and apply together. Allow to soak in a bit before using your moisturizer.

A facial essence can add a hint of moisture to warm weather skin while balancing oils, or ramp up your moisturizing efforts in dry climates. If you are new to facial essences, you won’t believe what you’ve been missing. Aurelia Skincare Brightening Botanical Essence is suited to all skin types.

Skincare Travel Tips

You take wardrobe and footwear into account when packing for a trip. Your skincare requires the same consideration. If you are heading to the mountains, be sure to put in a hydrating moisturizer and facial mask to ward off dryness. Jetting to the beach? Other than a mineral sunscreen, put in a fruit acid facial exfoliator and a skin soothing serum.

Whether you are decanting your favorites or purchasing travel-sizes, remember airline guidelines on carry-on bottles. Containers must be 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less. It’s never fun to chuck your best moisturizer due to airport restrictions.

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