How to Do Eye Makeup to Complement Your Hair Color


Even if you have your morning makeup ritual down pat, you may be complementing all the wrong things. While a certain makeup product may stand alone as beautiful, it will look different on girls with different hair colors and features. Learn how to do eye makeup according to your hair color and give yourself that extra “wow!” factor. It’s all in the subtle touches. Here are 5 general hair color categories to use as your compass.

If you have…

1. Blonde hair

Complement blonde hair with even more glow. Stick to warm, honey tones. Colors that work in line with this are peach, pink, gold and champagne.

For your eyes, apply a shimmery eye shadow to the lids, making sure to brush across the creases too. Use brown eyeliner and black mascara.

For the cheeks, keep the hues peachy and pink. For the lips, think lipgloss – something that will shine like your hair!

2. Dark brown hair

If you sport a rich espresso or chocolate colored hair color, apply makeup colors that include plum, burgundy, red or metallic hues. These colors complement dark brown hair beautifully and give you a classic, bold look.

For your eyes, brush on a metallic-tone eye shadow, such as bronze, copper, or gold across your lids and into the creases. This is a great go-to, natural, but interesting accent. Next, apply dark eye liner and mascara.

For your lips, aim for burgundy or brownish reds.

3. Light to medium brown hair

Those with light to medium brown hair have the most options when it comes to makeup, since their hair complements just about every color. You can keep it earthy or go bold. As an everyday look, use a beige or gray eye shadow and blue eyeliner. Apply a subtle pink blush to the cheeks and a rich pinkish-red gloss to your lips.

4. Red hair

If you have red hair, you automatically have a warmer touch to your look. Focus on makeup that reflects this, such as greens and dewy pinks.

For the eyes, apply a mossy green shadow and a reddish-brown eyeliner. For the cheeks, create a natural flush with a rosy hue.

For the lips, stick with nude colors and pinkish browns.

5. Black hair

If you have black hair, it can take the attention away from your features. Bring the focus back to your face by keeping the eye makeup smoky, using charcoal eyeliner and navy eye shadows. Be sure to completely coat your eyelashes with mascara, accenting every single strand. Apply a subtle pink blush to your cheeks.

Keep the lip color subtle as to not take away from the eyes. A light pink gloss will do the trick.

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