How to Meet New People: 7 Creative Places to Find Friendly New Faces


Not sure how to meet new people these days? Or do you just need some new friends? Meeting interesting new people can be difficult once you enter the adult world. High school and college are ready-made for meeting friends, with endless social engagements, joint struggles in difficult classes, and down-the-hall living arrangements.

Once you graduate into real life, you have to put in a little more effort to meet friendly new faces. Try the following locations to find a new connection. Be the one who reaches out. Follows through on the invite to lunch, or text a friendly ‘hello,’ – and don’t be disappointed when a few potential matches fizzle out. Making new friends is a bit like dating – stay positive, keep an open heart, and soon you’ll have new girlfriends to get away with.

How to Meet New People

  1. Cooking Classes – Many upscale grocery stores like Whole Foods and Central Market offer a full calendar of cooking classes. Whether you want to learn how to make sushi, roll up the perfect croissant, or chop vegetables like a pro, sign up for a class – and you’ll meet other people who want to do the same. Plus, you’ll gain a skill that gives you added confidence, which is always a boost in the friend-making department.
  2. Dog Parks – If you don’t have a dog, hanging out at the dog park might be a little awkward – but you can always borrow a friend’s pooch. Dog parks are full of friendly people who are hanging out in the sunshine, watching their dogs slobber, sniff and lick. Sure, a few dog owners will be glued to their cell phones, but you can strike up a conversation with the ones who are enjoying their time unplugged.
  3. Sports Clubs – Big cities have all kinds of sporting clubs that you can join, from serious marathon runners to afternoon dodgeball with drinking. What sport did you love as a child? Research to see if you can meet up with other locals who want to play.
  4. Art Walks – Easygoing, outdoor art walks are packed with people who are there to explore the area’s galleries. Free samples of beer or wine are often provided. Find your city’s art walk and discover new beauty – and new friends!
  5. Wine Tasting – You’ll have plenty of social lubrication at a wine tasting. Many wineries and vineyards host special tasting events and dinners throughout the year. You’ll also find classes for novices, where you can learn the lingo and the basic guidelines of wine tasting.
  6. Museum Events – Art, history and science museums are always hosting some sort of special event, showcasing or opening reception for an exhibit. Many museums also offer “after-hours” events during the evening hours, which are designed to provide a place where people can mingle. So go mingle! Surrounded by interesting exhibits, you’ll have plenty to talk about.
  7. Flea Markets – Hit your local flea market and search for treasures that you can’t live without. Colorful flea markets are full of interesting people on the hunt for something special – like you!

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