How to Protect Your Hands, Neck, and Décolleté From Premature Aging

Your hands, neck and décolleté deserve as much SPF as your face.

How to Protect Your Hands, Neck, and Décollete From Premature Aging
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Everyone knows that protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays is important. But, sometimes we neglect the parts of our body that don’t get as much face-time as, well, our face! It can be easy to forget about areas like your hands and décolleté – or the upper chest, neck, and cleavage.

But, skin is skin, and every part of our dermis is susceptible to the potential ravages of too much UV exposure. Which is why we assembled a brilliant list of the best mineral sunscreens for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for a tot-friendly sunscreen, something that’s durable enough to survive the most rigorous workout, or something specially-formulated for sensitive skin, we’ve got you covered! (I couldn’t resist.)

Here are our top five reasons for protecting your hands and décollete from the sun.

1) Even a slight burn can destroy the top layer of your skin.

Skin that receives little exposure to the sun can tend to burn more easily and more quickly. This is why it’s especially important to take the proper measures to protect the décolleté area when it is exposed. Even the mildest sunburn can cause considerable damage to your skin. Solar lentigines, better known as sunspots, can appear anywhere on the skin and cause the skin to look prematurely aged, damaged and discolored.

2) Your hands are almost always exposed.

Outside of the mitten-and-glove season, your hands are always exposed! This means two things: people see them, and the skin on your hands is constantly absorbing UV rays. We expect a lot from our hands and keeping them protected with sunscreen is one way we can give back. Hands tend to develop wrinkles, sun-spots, and scars rather easily, which is why people always say that you can tell a person’s age by looking at their hands.

3) Melanoma develops in the cells and can occur anywhere on the body.

‘Nuff said! If you want to build a strong defense against overexposure and potentially serious damage, it’s worthwhile to take the extra few minutes of effort to make sure you’ve covered all your bases. 

4) Sun exposure accounts for approximately 85% of aging.

That’s right. Experts estimate that sun exposure accounts for a dramatic portion of all signs of aging: wrinkles, discoloration, sun spots, uneven skin tone, redness, exacerbated rosacea, dryness, moles, etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with growing older, but overexposure to the sun can accelerate the aging process unnaturally and sometimes damage your skin beyond repair. The few minutes it takes to thoroughly apply an all-natural sunscreen can save you from spending big bucks attempting to correct damage, turn back the clock, or seek extensive medical treatment.

5) Your skin is your first line of defense.

Yes, all of it, including your hands, neck, and chest. Everything that enters the body passes through the skin. Remember that your skin is your largest organ – think of it as a super-sheath, but one in need of your diligent attention and care. Look out for your skin and your skin will look out for you! Healthy skin helps protects us from diseases and sends countless necessary signals to the brain. Keeping your skin healthy will keep it communicating accurately and effectively with your brain and immune system, for optimal overall health.

Still have questions about buying natural sunscreen? We have the answers! Head to our buying guide for information on everything you want to know about SPF.

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