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How to Tap Into Your Intuition

"It's the road and the map to authentic living."
How to Tap Into Your Intuition

Your sixth sense. A gut feeling. Whatever you wish to call it, it's your intuition and it's a powerful thing. Your intuition is that push, that nudge, that all-encompassing, can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it feeling that leads onto paths that feel destined for us.

"Intuition is an inner knowing, a guidance from our higher self," Jona Genova, founder of Samadhi for Peace & Reiki Collective, tells Organic Authority.

Your intuition is powerful and, most importantly, it's real. While it's often referred to as something "woo woo," intuition is an innate guidance system that we all have access to. 

So why is it that some of us can't quite connect to it?

Genova says the reasoning behind it is layered. 

"First and foremost, we must see that intellectual/logical knowing is privileged in our society. Intuition and wisdom are seen as being less reliable, not as valuable or as true," she says. "This in itself is a rich discussion; why is intellectual knowing a prevailing core value at this time, in this moment and in this place where we find ourselves? Why has intellectualism been selected as the dominant voice?" 

Genova says, ultimately, when it comes to accessing and allowing ourselves to connect with our intuition, the "risk is high." She cites being "shunned" and "othered."

"There's an inherent fear of the unknown in our society," she says. "We're uncomfortable with not knowing. We go out of our way to know and 'prove' that something is true. Even better if it's provable by science."

For these reasons, Genova says many of us have blocked our ability to tap into something that is actually quite normal and natural for us. 

The people who can access intuition with accuracy without training, says Genova, are often "the ones who have been forced to develop it for their own survival."

However, it's definitely possible for all of us to activate our intuition. Here's how to do it. 

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Respect Intuition 

According to Genova, you must first become aware of your own biases and cultural biases before you can fully tap into your inner voice. "Can you develop a respect for intuitive knowing? That's a first step," she says. "Get over the 'is it real' question and get down to business. Intuitive knowing is very real and just as valuable as mathematic equations."

Find a Mentor

While accessing your inner voice is easier for some, there are others who might benefit from the guidance and tutelage given by a mentor. 

"Find a mentor to help you identify how your intuition communicates with you and hone your accuracy," says Genova. 

How Do You Perceive the World?

If you can't find a mentor, then Genova suggests paying attention to the ways you perceive the world through your sixth sense. "Is it through a knowing in the body, or do you have flashes or visions? Do you hear phrases?" Then follow that guidance and document it. 

Documentation is vital when it comes to giving credibility to our hunches. It helps with differentiating between an intuitive message or something derived from our ego. Genova used to practice by predicting the stock market and sports scores, or "things that I do not have control over or know much about. Tracking over time will help you distinguish the different feelings of ego and actual intuition."

Pay Attention to Your Body 

So what happens when you ignore your intuition? According to Genova, the body knows.

"If intuition is ignored long enough, we sometimes see diseases in the reproductive organs and pain in the low back," she says. 

Another sign? You'll feel guilty. Because you know you knew better. 

But just why is living intuitively so important anyway?

"It's the road and map to authentic living," says Genova. Because when we are tapped into our whole spirit, including our intuitive nature, we are living a life of true authenticity.

And isn't that the whole point of life, anyway?

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