Human Babies Being Eaten for 'Endurance'


Unbelievable news has surfaced out of South Korea as customs officials made the recent discovery of thousands of capsules filled with powdered human flesh imported from China, believed to be a "cure-all."

The Daily Mail reported last week that South Korean officials say Chinese medical employees are making the production of these pills possible by alerting medical companies to aborted fetuses and stillborn babies and profiting from tipping off the companies. Tests confirmed that the pills did indeed contain 99.7 percent human remains, and in some cases, human placenta was also used for its perceived medical benefits similar to that of the human babies.

The customs agents reported that at least 35 smuggling attempts have been made since August 2011 and more than 17,000 capsules, labeled as 'stamina boosters', recovered. The pills are in huge demand in South Korea and other Asian countries because of the belief that they are capable of improving energy and endurance. Not only is there no proof the pills are effective in boosting health, but they actually contain high levels of harmful bacteria and other potential contaminants that could make users sick instead. The highly illegal practice means production and manufacturing procedures are not regulated for safety and cleanliness.

From the Organic Authority Files

Some reports indicate the human baby capsules are resulting from China's limit on the number of babies allowed per family that leads to the nation's more than 13 million abortions annually. Dubbed "dying rooms," Chinese families will also leave newborns to die if they've already met their quota for children. But South Korean officials refuse to confirm where the babies and capsules came from.

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