Hydrospinning is Making a Splash in the Fitness World

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Spinning is definitely becoming one of the most popular forms for fitness, offering a high energy workout that provides great results for endurance, muscle toning, and weight loss. But have you ever through of how difficult it would be to perform your spinning workout under water? Enter hydrospinning, the newest spin on underwater fitness that will give you a whole new perspective on just how challenging a workout can be.

Hydrospinning basically involves placing a specially designed spin bike in a pool, and is often offered in the same fashion as regular spin class with a jamming playlist, an enthusiastic instructor and a heart pumping workout.

Benefits of Hydrospinning

The most obvious benefit of hydrospinning is the intense level of cardiovascular exercise that your body will undergo, which has the power to improve your entire physiology and mood. Hydrospinning also offers endurance building and leg strengthening without the pressure spinning or cycling on land can put on the joints–making in great for anyone recovering from an injury. Using the water for support also allows you to take different positions on the bike easily, creating more of a challenge for the core muscles.

Alongside providing a stable and challenging way to workout, hydrospinning also burns a large amount of calories and destroys cellulite. One hour of pedaling in the water can burn up to 800 calories, and the friction of the water against the skin massages the lymph system, reducing the development of cellulite.

What to Expect in A Class

Although hydrospinning is set to a rocking playlist and accompanied by the encouraging enthusiasm of the instructor, you can pedal at your own pace. Unlike regular spinning classes, in most hydrospinning classes the resistance is set to one level depending on the type of class. The dynamics of pedaling are also different in water than they are on land; you’ll notice that the resistance is created by how fast you pedal, as momentum halts completely as soon as you stop pedaling. In the water you’ll want to emphasize pulling up to even out the buoyancy between the up and downstrokes. You’ll also want to keep you core and shoulders stable to keep the work in the large muscle groups.

Also, don’t expect to be as sore after a hydrospinning class as after a normal spinning class. Moving in the water is much softer on your joints, and also helps with fresh oxygen circulation, reducing the painful effects of lactic acid build-up.

What You Should Wear

Since you’ll be in the water, a one-piece or bikini bathing suits are the best choices, just make sure you are comfortable and feel supported by your attire. You may want to wear a pair of shorts if you have sensitive skin.

Most aqua spinning studios also require you to wear water shoes – some also rent them. As with a regular spin class, bringing your own water bottle to stay hydrated is highly encouraged.

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