Jennifer Garner is Cooking Up Some Healthy Treats on Instagram

Jennifer Garner is Cooking Up Some Healthy Treats on Instagram
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Actress Jennifer Garner has been subtly taking over as one of Instagram’s most intriguing stars because she’s so, well, normal. The star freely shares embarrassing videos of herself, old band camp stories, and now she’s serving up recipes for healthy snacks because blue corn chips are her “nemesis.”

It’s a snack conundrum we can all relate to. You’re craving something salty and comforting, but you don’t want to pick up that bag of potato chips. Luckily, Garner understands our pain and saves the day with her healthy alternatives.

The “Love, Simon” star is sharing easy-to-follow recipes for nutritious snacks on IG when you want to be bad, but also good. Here’s why Garner’s treats are not only ‘gram-worthy but great for you.

Kale Chips

Because blue corn chips are her weakness, Garner turns to kale chips instead. Kale is not only low in calories, high in fiber, and has zero fat, but also has many nutritional benefits, including being a rich source of magnesium, folate, and iron.

“Cut the rib out of the center of large pieces. Coat in olive oil. Add salt. Add grated Parmesan if you like,” the actress suggests. “Set the oven at 200 degrees. Stick it in the oven, preferably on a cooling rack over a cookie sheet. Start checking periodically at 15 min, but wait until it’s crispy– closer to 25 min.”

Garner prefers to use “dinosaur” kale, which gets its name for its bumpy dark blue-green leaves that resemble dino skin. It’s got an earthy, nutty flavor and its leaves are said to be “so hearty that even when well-cooked they retain a wonderful firm texture,” which makes it perfect for baking.

Beet Chips

Beet chips are another alternative for Garner when she has a jonesing for blue corn tortilla chips. The former “Alias” stars like these for their “naturally sweet” taste and calls them “highly addicting.”

Beets are high in immune-boosting vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium, which is vital for healthy nerve and muscle functioning, as well as vitamin B, iron, and copper, which helps your body make red blood cells and also helps create collagen.

Like her kale chips, these beet chips are a healthier and lower calorie alternative to potato chips and processed veggie chips because these are not fried but baked, and have very simple ingredients.

To create Garner’s chips, she writes: “1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. 2. Wash your beets really well. 3. Lop off the tops and slice the beets into very thin slivers. Use a mandolin if you’re so inclined. Mind your fingers! 4. Lightly coat the beets in olive oil and lay them out on a greased baking sheet. 5. Sprinkle them with salt. 6. Put in the oven for one hour. 7. Remove and be careful, they’re hot!”

The Takeaway

True, Garner might not be like Ina Garten (one of her cooking idols, by the way) but she does know her way around a kitchen when it comes to cooking up simple and healthy snack foods. Keep these snacks on hand — they’re sure to satisfy your cravings. Even those of the blue corn tortilla variety.

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