Everything Jennifer Lopez Avoids Like the Plague to Look Like JLo

Everything Jennifer Lopez Avoids to Look Like JLo
Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is known for her glutes and her glow—and the latter is so coveted that whatever highlighter she’s allegedly using always flies off the shelves. But if you’re really committed to channeling your inner JLo, it’s time to accept that you can’t simply “paint” her on with a makeup brush. You must live like JLo. And if you’re curious as to how much dedication this entails, here’s what the actress-dancer-singer doesn’t touch, ever.

Caffeine, Soda, and Liquid Courage

“I don’t drink or smoke or have caffeine,” Lopez told UsWeekly. “That really wrecks your skin as you get older.” If she does drink coffee (which hardly ever happens), she will drink it decaf.

Ngo Okafor, Lopez’s fitness trainer, told Byrdie.com he believes diet soda is a huge no-no as well: “Even though it says diet on the soda label, the artificial sweetener used to enhance its taste isn’t better for your diet than the sugar it replaced.”

Processed and Fried Foods

Lopez is a huge fan of eating fresh, organic foods, and she focuses on protein to keep her full. She informed UsWeekly she begins her mornings with a shake. For lunch, it’s salmon and salad on a typical day. For dinner, she’ll have another protein—she loves chicken and pork—with quinoa.

Okafor warns fried foods will negate all your ab workouts. He says white bread and pizza are off the table, too. “When you combine the ingredients in pizza such as tomatoes, cheese, flour, and yeast and add saturated oil and salt, the calories pile up. The average slice of pizza is about 250 calories. Adding toppings like meat can spike it up to as much as 390 calories per slice,” he told Byrdie.com.

Dried Fruits

Think they’re healthy because they’re made from produce? Think again. “Fresh fruit contains vitamins and minerals and is high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Dried or dehydrated fruit sometimes contain added sugar and sulfur to extend its shelf life. Due to the fact that dehydrated fruit is smaller due to the removal of water, it can lead to overeating,” Okafor said.

Pre-Made Salads

They might save you a few minutes of chopping and using the food processor (ya know, for fresh balsamic dressing), but just because a container contains spinach and tomatoes doesn’t mean it’s going to get you the JLo physique. “Store-bought salads can quickly turn a potentially healthy meal into a calorie bomb when the add-ons and dressing are applied,” said Okafor, who suggests you stare at the ingredients label like a hawk.

Ice Cream… Sort Of

Actually, Lopez doesn’t shun ice cream altogether. Okafor is totally opposed to it, but JLo’s current beau Alex Rodriguez recently revealed on “The View” that her guilty pleasure is chocolate chip ice cream. Clearly, her intense workout regimen compensates for this and we’re deducing that she doesn’t eat pints at a time. Yes, we’re just guessing, but the evidence is in her face. (Sugar is terrible for your skin. She can’t be eating too much of it.)

The Sun

Don’t be fooled by her amazing bronze complexion. JLo’s olive tone comes from genetics and a few sweeps of strategic cosmetics. “I’m rarely in the sun, but if I am, I wear a lot of sunscreen,” Lopez said. Considering too much UV exposure can generate skin cancer, this might be her best tip of all. We just hope she’s taking her vitamin D supplements, too.

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