5 Makeup Must-Haves That Make Being a Vegan Beauty Effortless

vegan makeup products

Want your makeup stash to be as vegan as your diet? If you’ve already got a proud collection of all-natural cosmetics, you might be surprised to know that they’re not necessarily vegan.

Don’t panic! It’s a common misconception, so here’s a little guidance if you’re set on keeping your makeup bag an animal-free zone stocked with the best vegan makeup products.

3 Things Vegans Might Want To Avoid In Makeup

Beeswax: Natural cosmetics and beeswax are like two peas in a pod. As an emollient, it allows oil and water to mix (extremely useful for cosmetic formulators). Add that to the fact it’s also water resistant and a humectant and you’ve got a versatile base for things like lipsticks and mascaras. Luckily, vegan substitutes are fairly easy to come by, with both carnuba and candelilla wax being great alternatives.

Lanolin: Secreted by sheep, this natural conditioner keeps their woolly coat in tip-top shape! It’s used in similar ways to beeswax as it’s also an emollient, but has a much softer, more balm-like texture. It’s incredibly protective when it comes to skin, however quite easy to avoid. Any rich plant-based oils will do the trick – think along the lines of castor seed, coconut, and avocado.

Carmine: Obtained by boiling the bodies of cochineal insects, it’s no surprise vegans aren’t so into this natural red dye. However, finding a truly vibrant red dye in nature has been a challenge, which is why so many green beauty brands still resort to using it to create bright reds and pinks so they can avoid synthetic colors.

The Best Vegan Makeup Products on the Block

1. Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara 
Every makeup lover needs a black mascara (it’s the LBD of the makeup bag, right?), and that’s vegans included. Move aside beeswax, because this is formulated with carnauba wax, and performs just as well. Just a few sweeps of the magic wand and your lashes will have volume in all the right places. To top it all off, this may be one of the only water-resistant natural mascaras on the market. That’s right, don’t hold back those tears, let it all out!

2. Sappho Liquid Foundation 
Alongside being vegan, this foundation happens to be one of green beauty’s best kept secrets. The creamy texture applies like a dream, providing a buildable medium coverage that feels more like a second skin than makeup. The finish is no different either; it makes your complexion look natural and fresh, with no patchiness in sight.

3. RMS Beauty Swift Shadows 
Vegans who have longingly lusted after RMS Beauty have so far had to miss out due to many of its products containing beeswax. The new Swift Shadows however, have changed the game. All eighteen available shades provide the most beautiful multidimensional, velvet finish which lasts all day long. Whether you’re a strict vegan or not, these eyeshadows should be at the top of your makeup wishlist.

4. Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick 
Yet another new addition to the vegan makeup scene is 100% Pure’s semi-matte lipsticks. This California-based brand is one that never stops innovating, so it’s no surprise that the beauty geniuses in 100% Pure’s lab have gone the extra mile to make this vegan. Lips are nourished with – you guessed it – cocoa butter, and not only are the striking colors carmine-free, but they are created with plant-based pigments rather than synthetic dyes.

5. Gressa Lumière Luminous Complexion Fluid
Prepare for a fresh, rosey glow with this super hydrating blush. It’s not a cream or a serum, but a gel. A little goes a long way, as both shades are ultra-pigmented, but sink into the skin to provide a natural looking flush.

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