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OrganicaPure Bath Salts: Destress Naturally


Humans have soaked in mineral rich waters since antiquity. We even added potent herbs and plants to aid in our rejuvenation and pleasure. And certainly we all know just how powerful that is once your body slides into the warm waters—whether hot springs or your own hot tub—you can almost instantly feel the tension slough away. Is it magic? Maybe. Important? Absolutely.

This is a mighty intense world we live in, which has about a trillion ways of regularly overwhelming us. From the mental stress to the physical tensions we often experience, it is so important to take a break from it all... like with a nice, hot and therapeutic bath. While hot mineral springs may not be easily accessible for most of us, a home mineral bath can be just as satisfying and effective in de-stressing and renewing our bodies, minds and spirits.

Remember those commercials from the 1980s for the bath product, Calgon? ("Take me away!") Well, harsh toxic artificial ingredients in commercial bath products will only add to your stress, unfortunately. And there's simply no reason to ever use them, especially with an abundance of effective all natural goodness like OrganicaPure bath products.

Using therapeutic mineral salts along with powerful plants like cocoa (yes, as in real chocolate!), honey and mint, OrganicaPure's bath salts not only de-stress you with the calming salts and soothing scents, but the cocoa's antioxidants provide anti-wrinkle benefits and can help to prevent damage to the skin's elastin and collagen. Honey is one of nature's greatest moisturizers, leaving no oily residue, just soft and supple stress-free skin.

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OrganicaPure also uses aloe vera—a potent natural healer—with many beneficial uses both internally and externally. The mucopolysaccharides in the plant's gel-filled leaves have a rejuvenating action when applied topically to the skin and can soothe a number of skin irritations, speed wound healing, and provide superior moisturizing properties to help you keep your youthful, stress-free glow.

What's more, OrganicaPure's mission will also reduce your stress because the company's philosophy is so, well, pure. The simplicity of their formulas (all based on cocoa, aloe and honey) reflect thousands of years of tried-and-true all natural skin care techniques. No fancy laboratory or rabbit testing required. Plus, the company works with organic suppliers throughout the South-Eastern Region of Mexico to source the highest quality organic ingredients. They also work with Natural Resources Management to focus on sustainability, by employing ecologically friendly harvesting and processing methods. They state their mission quite simply on the website: "Acquire the best quality ingredients harvested in rich and fertile lands."

Feeling like you could use a restorative soak in something organic and pure? Try OrganicaPure's bath salts and also check out their other products like the 100 percent pure Cocoa Body Butter. For the rest of the month of November and until Christmas you can save 20 to 40 percent on every order! Buy one organic skin care product and use the code OP20 during the checkout for 20% off. Buy two or more products and use the code OP40 to get 40% off + free shipping!

This post is sponsored by OrganicaPure.

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