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9 Best-Ever Natural Mascaras That Do Not Suck (Promise)

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9 Best Ever Natural Mascaras

One conventionally produced makeup item that is hard to give up? Mascara. No one wants smearing, smudging, flaking. Just rich color, and possibly length and volume too. Finding a natural mascara selection that won’t disappoint though? It's not as easy as it sounds.

If you've tried natural mascara only to be left with bare lashes or, worse yet, raccoon eyes by midday, going back to your chemical-laden favorite may seem like the only answer. It's not. Many natural mascara choices stay put and offer what you are looking for.

We've got natural mascara options that work for everyone!

Looking for mega glam factor? It’s on the list. Maybe you want something more subdued with lasting color. Promise it’s there too. Or maybe the most important requirement for you is gentleness. Yep, we have that here as well.

All products on the list are free from harmful cosmetic ingredients and work like a charm. You are about to get filled in on each one’s performance, any added benefits (like made for sensitivity or vegan), and where to buy them.

Natural Mascara Round Up

Light Coverage, Natural Effect

Each mascara in this section is what would be considered a daytime mascara. Rich color, light coverage, long lasting wear-ability.

1. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara: Love this mascara for its gentleness, light control, and color choices. Choose from Blueberry, Blackberry, Dark Chocolate, and Black Tea.

Cruelty-free, color choices

RMS Beauty Defining Mascara

2. RMS Beauty Defining Mascara: For color and definition that is super natural looking, this is a good one to use. Very smooth, light formula.

Certified organic and cruelty-free

3. RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara: Ideal for those with long lashes who are looking to pump up the volume. This black mascara thickens and is very gentle, perfect for sensitive eyes.

Certified organic, sensitivity-friendly

4. Delizioso Skincare Black Diamond Natural Nourishing Mascara: Another smooth, natural beauty. Try this black mascara for color and to hold curl.

Vegan, cruelty- and gluten-free

Lavera Volume Mascara

5. Lavera Volume Mascara: This one won Good Housekeeping’s Best of Natural in 2012 and has long been one of my personal faves. It is light, so no movie star lashes, but is the smoothest mascara around. Makes for great coverage when all you are looking for is straightforward color and a bit of curl control. Comes in black or brown.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Ophthamologically tested safe for contact lens wearers, NaTrue Certified Natural, vegan, cruelty- and gluten-free, color choices

Thicker Coverage, Dramatic Effect

Each natural mascara in this section gives a more dramatic effect. Lengthening, volumizing, thickening? You’ll find the best of the best right here.

Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara

6. Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara: This mascara is an all around pleaser. It thickens, lengthens, doesn’t smear or flake, and women love it. Goes on smooth and is super gentle.

Ophthamologically tested suitable for sensitive eyes, fragrance-free, vegan

7. Kjaer Weis Mascara: A natural beauty favorite, this mascara adds length and volume to lashes with staying power. Comes in black and is perfect for layering, so can be used for thinner daytime wear, or pumped up for extra vavoom. As with all Kjaer Weis items, refills are available.

Certified organic, gluten-free

ILIA Beauty Mascara

8. ILIA Beauty Mascara: ILIA Beauty knows how to do natural makeup and mascara is no exception. A thicker formula, this mascara adds oomph to lashes. It also comes in four colors – Nightfall, Asphalt Jungle, Shadow of a Doubt, and Macao.

Certified organic, gluten-free, color choices

9. Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara: Dr. Hauschka has a cult following for its skincare. The mascara won’t disappoint. Smooth application, nice thick lashes, no smudging or smearing. Comes in black, brown, and aubergine.

Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, cruelty- and gluten-free, color choices

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