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Celebrity Beauty Lines: Who Can You Trust?

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Celebrity Beauty Lines: Who Can You Trust?

What celebrity doesn’t have a skincare or makeup line these days? And, you’ve probably noticed, most of these celebrity beauty lines advertise as “natural” or “organic” products. But who can you trust?

We want to believe our fave celeb beauty products are the real deal because: (1) these women look fabulous and we want to get us some of that, and (2) because we want to trust them. Some of these people have been in our lives (well, sort of) since teen mags and CW series.

But here’s the truth: You still have to vet celeb-endorsed lines for safety. And what’s the best way to do that? Read those ingredient listings.

Yes, often full ingredient listings are hard to find--and this is a red flag. Makers of truly safe beauty products clearly display ingredient listings. And don’t be fooled by “key ingredients” common on websites and even more prominent on packaging. If a brand is splashing only its super natural looking key ingredients, there is a good possibility there are junk ingredients in those products they're compensating for.

Or not. Either way, best to be sure.

Wish you could simply look at a list of celebrity beauty products and know which are safe and which to avoid? Ok, why not. We've rounded up some famous celeb beauty lines and the deets on their safety.

Hottest Celebrity Beauty Lines (and the Truth About Their Safety)

1. Suzanne Organics by Suzanne Somers: This line of skincare, body care, hair care, and makeup is Certified ToxicFree® (read more about that here) and created by the women’s health advocate who walks the talk. Suzanne Somers' approach and dedication to healthful living is a true inspiration. Suzanne Organics includes a very extensive range of products and it would take days to read through every ingredient listing. The products I use from the range (and I do use some every day) are clean, and my skin loves them.

The Verdict: Suzanne goes the extra mile to design products with healthy ingredients. Check the listings before you buy, but I haven’t been disappointed yet.

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From the Organic Authority Files

2. Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr: This supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret angel created her line of skincare out of a passion for healthy living. And it certainly looks like her lifestyle is paying off for her. The brand claims to be free from toxic chemicals, but still contains a handful of not-so-natural ingredients. The site gives information on “certified organic” ingredients and products, but Kora Organics are certified by ECOCERT, which is not the same as being USDA Certified Organic, unfortunately.

The Verdict: While Kora Organics products do house many healthy ingredients, these comingle with some that are not good for skin or body. Not a totally nontoxic line.

3. Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba: No introduction necessary, as this is the beauty offshoot of the super famous The Honest Company started by Alba. The celebrity beauty range includes makeup and skincare advertised as “as effective as it is safe.” Again, who wouldn’t want to look like Jessica Alba? But one quick look at a moisturizer shows dimethicone pretty high up in the ingredient listing, and this silicone-based emollient is not exactly a clean ingredient. If you want to root through the ingredients of each product, you may come up with one that is clean here and there.

The Verdict: Another line that combines natural ingredients with some synthetic ones. Don’t trust that each product is safe.

4. Josie Maran Cosmetics by Josie Maran: This argan oil based line is uber well known to both natural and mainstream beauty consumers. But it is not completely free from synthetic ingredients. The part that bugs me most about this line is its stellar marketing. I can’t tell you how many women have told me they buy this stuff and truly believe it is all natural. One look at a face butter shows it has a pretty solid mix of natural to unnatural ingredients.

The Verdict: If you have to have some Josie Maran, go for the 100% Pure Argan Oil which is certified organic, and do the rest of your beauty shopping elsewhere.

5. Goop Beauty by Gwyneth Paltrow: Did I save the best for last? Maybe. But here’s the thing. I have yet to get my hot hands on these products and would love to try them out, but was disheartened to see a few not-so-natch ingredients in some of them. Are they the worst of the worst cosmetic ingredients? Not at all. Are there healthier choices? Yeah, there are.

The Verdict: The Enriching Face Oil is one I can’t wait to try, but will probably leave the rest alone.

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