Cleansing Meals that Help Honeybees: Something to Raise Your Fork To!

Are you ready to start the "21-Day Superstar Cleanse"?

If you’re an avid Organic Authority reader, you know we enjoy Rainbeau Mars‘ work. And who could blame us? Her dedication to health and amazing food is admirable.

Well, Mars has done it again. The clean-eating superstar recently released a bonus eBook in conjunction with a rerelease of “The 21-Day Superstar Cleanse,” her book about changing one’s perspective on food, and beginning personal awakenings that go beyond the 21-day cleanse.

Cleanse with these summer recipes

The free, bonus eBook, “21-Day Superstar Cleanse: Bonus Recipes”, contains new, amazing recipes that are filled with flavor and health.

So, you can imagine how excited we were when we found out Laura Klein, our editor-and-chief, had a recipe that made the cover or Mars’ eBook. Along with Organic Authority’s contribution, the following foodie activists provided plant-based recipes for the book, too:

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While we’re totally stoked about the eBook’s release, we also love the organization that the sales from the book are going to: HoneyLove.

How it helps the honeybees

HoneyLove Urban Beekeepers is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that’s dedicated to educating communities about bees and inspiring new urban beekeepers to take up the sweet practice. HoneyLove’s “worker bees” believe that the city is the last refuge of the honeybee. So, to help bees thrive, the organization strives to influence people to grow year-round gardens free of pesticides. These year-round gardens are important for bees because they provide pollen and nectar.

Because, let’s not forget that bees are responsible for 1/3 of our food and dying at 60 percent a year—if they die, so do we.

If you want to support the bees, start anew, and enjoy some new recipes, get Mars’ book here.

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