Plump Lips Naturally Without Injections or Toxic Chemicals

Plump Lips Naturally Without Injections or Toxic Chemicals

Everyone knows that pouty, plump lips are in. What many people don’t know is what goes in to the products that claim to make smackers smolder. We’ve done our homework on the ingredients that safely plump and hydrate VS the ones you’ll want to dump, and the results just might surprise you! Plus we’ve selected our top natural lip plumpers that do the job without any scary ingredients or potential risks.

Plump Lips Naturally Without Injections or Toxic Chemicals

Chapsticks and lip balms are almost universally seen as harmless staples in a girl’s beauty routine. But, beneath the shine and shimmer lurk some major no-nos like chemicals and artificial flavors. Below are a few of the most common toxic offenders you’ll want to avoid.

4 Ingredients To Avoid

1. Petrolatum (Mineral Oil)

Commonly found in drugstore-brand lip humectants, mineral oil is little more than a cheap additive. If it goes in a car, you might now want it on your face!

2. Fragrance and Flavor

Unfortunately, products that smell the most appetizing often turn out to be the least healthy. Fragrance often contains phthalates which are known to be hormone disruptors and can even aggregate asthma and allergy symptoms! Pass.

3. Synthetic Color and Dyes

Synthetic dyes and colors seem to be everywhere – food, drinks, lip products! But, it’s well worth the extra vigilance to avoid them. They have been linked to anxiety, migraines and even cancer.

4. Chemical Sunscreens

Many lip balms and chapsticks contain chemical sunscreens like oxybenzone and octinoxate to name a few. Oxybenzone in particular has shown to be a hormone disruptor and is suspected to be linked to conditions such as endometriosis. It was recently banned in Hawaii! Opt for products with mineral sunscreen instead.

But, never fear. You can promote a plump pucker and still maintain your peace of mind!

First, we recommend exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells and prep for optimal product absorption. We love this one:

Kari Gran Lip Scrub

Kari Gran Lip Scrub $18

This gentle and moisturizing lip scrub is perfect to prep your dry lips. It’s enriched with a soothing combination of organic, non-GMO and wild harvested ingredients to exfoliate, and moisturize.

Second, consider the products listed below on your path to luscious-lip enlightenment.

37 Actives High-Performance Anti-Aging and Filler Lip Treatment $95.00
Dermatologist approved, this lip treatment contains over 20 actives to help rejuvenate, soften and plump lips. It’s like a trip to the plastic surgeon minus the risks, pain, toxic ingredients, inflated price tag and, well, you get the idea!

Odacite Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum $44.00
This multi-action lip balm addresses everything from lip lines to dryness all while restoring natural plumpness. Mint stimulates lips for a plumper look while vitamin E hydrates. And if that weren’t enough, the Aventurine Crystal Applicator is known to bring good energy, luck and prosperity. We’ll kiss that “hello”!

Eminence Organic Lip Plumper – Cinnamon Kiss $26.00
The key ingredient in this organic gloss is Cinnamon – a well-known natural stimulator. But the rest of the ingredients aren’t too shabby themselves! Highly absorbable Jojoba Oil hydrates while Pomegranate Oil protects and balances.

Tata Harper Be True $29.00
This sheer treatment contains all botanical ingredients and is formulated and packaged by hand in Vermont. The ingredient list reads more like a health-food menu than a beauty product label and includes delicious drops of olive oil, avocado oil and green tea seed oil, to name just a few.

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