How To Prepare Your Skin For Flight

You have arrived at your destination: glowing skin.

How To Prepare Your Skin For Flight
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When it comes to traveling, stress can reach through-the-roof status before you know it – especially if that travel involves “leaving on a jet plane.” The brutal gauntlet of security trays is no joke, not to mention the never-ending lines in the airport bathroom. Regardless, you made it and you’re packed, prepped and primed for your next adventure!

But, what about your skin? There’s an intimidating laundry list of to-dos that goes along with almost any trip across the sky, and it can be easy to forget about your duty to your skin. Travel – and planes in particular – can be public enemy number one as far as your skin is concerned. So, what exactly goes down in the battle of Your Face VS. a 747? Allow us.

For starters, the lack of humidity in cabin air leads to dehydration and its accompanying symptoms: cracked lips, itchy eyes, and desert-dry skin. And because travel makes most people anxious, be prepared for a spike in stress hormones. These hormones will exacerbate any existing inflammatory skin issues like psoriasis or rosacea. And, higher altitudes mean less blood flow to the skin, which can leave you feeling like you bought a one-way ticket to Dullsville.

All right. Enough with the bad news! Below are some of our favorite tips and tools for keeping your skin in tip-top shape through thick and thin (air)! Make sure to pack these TSA-friendly goodies in your bag and you’ll be landing at your destination like you were never in the air. 

1) Make sure to drink plenty of water. 

This probably sounds like a given, but when things get hectic it’s sometimes the most obvious measures that fall by the wayside. Dehydration can be a bummer for the entire body, and staying properly hydrated is crucial. When there’s no moisture in the air (read: on a plane), topical moisturizers won’t be effective. So, inside-out hydration is key!

2) Bring your favorite eye serum along for the ride.

BA+S Baobab Sarsaparilla Serum with Rollerball $48

This vitamin A, E and F-rich nutritive serum is specially formulated to pamper the sensitive, delicate skin around the eye. Neroli and lavender oils soothe and smooth. Prevent yourself landing at your destination with under eye bags, puffiness and dark circles by applying this serum. Plus the stainless-steel applicator is so refreshing it gives your eyes an extra boost! 

3) Mist it up!

Vitruvi Still Mist: Essential Oil Blend $24

A delight before or after makeup, this geranium, and mandarin-infused essential oil blend is both calming and nourishing. Spray throughout the plane ride to keep your skin moisturized and your space smelling wonderful. 

4) Pack a great TSA- Friendly moisturizer.

Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream $26

In order to keep your skin protected from the harsh plane environment make sure to apply a moisturizer before take-off and reapply before landing. This powerful, nourishing cream is packed with omega fatty acids, and plant sterols that work to plump and hydrate stressed, inflamed skin.

5. Don’t leave home without your favorite beauty tool!

Crystal Contour Gua Sha $45

This gorgeous rose quartz beauty tool is perfect for your in-flight facial massage. It improves circulation, reduces circles & puffiness and encourages some much-needed relaxation. 

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