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Raw Food Detox Journal - Day 12

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What follows is day 12 of the transition I made last year to eating mostly raw, fresh, organic food. I'm still doing it and feeling better and better every day.

July 12, 2006

Well, I’m supposedly right on target with my diet – I’m on the “level 5” plan from “The Raw Food Detox Diet,” by Natalia Rose, meaning I’m in the unhealthiest category so I have to start with the least recommended amount of raw food (if I went all raw, I’d be sick as a dog). She has you rate yourself on several factors, including past habits and current eating style (meat eater, dairy eater, etc.). The level 5 plan calls for a 70/30 raw to cooked food ratio. It allows for some cooked grains. Not for me, however - wheat totally wrecks my digestive and elimination systems, and if there’s one thing Ms. Rose stresses in her book, it’s that weight loss is all about good digestion and proper elimination. (I have 25 pounds to lose.)

Wheat is the hardest thing to give up. I am not crazed about breads in general, but I like my occasional sprouted whole wheat pita thing I mentioned before. I got some Akmak crackers, made from the seeds and grains of Jesus’ time (tasty!). I had a small portion of whole wheat pasta last night. Oh, man. No tolerance. Swollen, bloated nastiness.

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From the Organic Authority Files

I know that wheat and I don’t agree, but it seems I reacted more strongly, now that I’ve cut down in general. I also had a pint of Rice Dream chocolate ice cream – yes, the whole pint. The amount is not a big deal on this diet, but she does recommend staying away from rice, which I find interesting. So starting tomorrow, no grains for a while – or Rice Dream.

My energy level is not good. I guess I am detoxing. The fiber from all the healthy veggies and fruit I’m eating are clinging to the toxins and pulling them out of my system. That’s the way I understand it, anyway. Will be glad when my energy returns. I also irritated my back injury moving boxes a couple of days ago. Not good. Too sore to do yoga.

Diet today: Fruit for breakfast, after first attempting to make my fave “Super Green Drink” (from Rose’s book) in a blender instead of my juicer. I don’t recommend it -- unless you feel that you can absorb your greens through your skin. For lunch, a wonderful salad with lots of sprouts and some goat cheese (the 70/30 program I’m following allows for goat cheese once in a while – easier to digest than cheese made from cow milk), and dinner consisted of snacking on granola (not good for me – too much sugar, even from this “healthy” organic brand), dried fruit and nuts. All in all, a helluva lot better than I was doing before my reformation. Just not as good as I have been doing up to today. But I am still proud of myself.

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