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Ritual Gym’s 30-Minute Workout Promises Results on a Tight Schedule

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Ritual Gym LA

The best workout gym in Singapore is coming to Los Angeles and it's perfect for the fitness-conscious struggling to fit in a workout. Ritual Gym’s 30-minute commitment may be the just ticket!

The hectic and harried pace of modern life can leave even the most efficient among us lamenting “where does time go?” And while a new gym may seem like the last thing Angelenos need, Ritual’s unique spin on crunching in a time-crunch could be one fitness trend that rises above the rest.

Personal Trainer and Ritual Gym Co-Founder Ian Tan promises, “We’ve taken away all the excuses for not going to the gym. All you need to do is find a half an hour in your day and show up.” Recognizing a need for progress and innovation in a fitness industry they saw as lagging behind, Tan and Co-Founder Brad Robinson set out to help others prioritize personal fitness regimes in an ever-demanding world.

The 30-second teaser on the official Ritual Gym website keeps with the philosophy of convenience at the core of the program.

The spot highlights:

  • 20-minute workouts.
  • Great showering facilities.
  • Private locker space for all.
  • Delicious meal-replacement smoothies.

The site, like the program itself, focuses on the bare necessities and one would expect no less from the self-proclaimed “most efficient gym in the world”.

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And the best part, you don't need to bring anything, not even a gym bag! The gym offers towels, clothes, shock-absorbent floors (you can even train barefoot) and all the grooming and body products you need. With all these perks it's hard to say no.

Ritual’s ethos would seem to be: fitness, fast. Or, as Robinson put it, “The problem that Ritual Gym solves is (that) people have less and less time for themselves and personal fitness and mobility are often de-prioritized due to… work, family and entertainment”.

Ritual Gym offers both term and package memberships. Their small-group structure strives for an optimal client-to-coach ratio and emphasizes personal attention. Sessions and trials can be booked in seconds using the Ritual app. The mandatory trial grants you unlimited all-access training for a full week and includes a free smoothie from the Fuel Bar.

The first Ritual Gym opened its doors in Singapore’s central business district. With a strong focus on “client-centric service” and a desire to “push for progress”. Their facilities are sleek, stylish and minimalist - skills over frills, if you will.

Ritual Gym lands in Los Angeles next month.

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