Scary Skincare Studies Inspire Launch of Green Elly, a Green Skincare Line for Babies

Elly, the inspiration behind the new baby skincare line, Green Elly

After learning of developmental, reproductive, austism and cancer issues in skincare studies, entrepreneurial new mom, Melissa Malcom, gave birth to Green Elly Corporation within weeks of her daughter, Elly.

All Green Elly products are developed focusing on natural, sustainable ingredients, free of parabens, phthalates and other harmful chemicals while being environmentally friendly. Manufactured by utilizing sustainable resources, all products are designed using “green” manufacturing techniques. Even the shipping method used is considered to be one of the most green in the market place.

“Elly has sensitive skin but I was even more concerned over the various warnings about dangerous chemicals like synthetic fragrances in most products. And just as important, I still wanted something that smelled good and was gentle for her. The concern for cancer, reproductive and developmental issues dumbfounded me and I didn’t want to risk anything. My goal was to create spa quality products for children that were natural but it was important to do my part to protect her future resources. It was easy to stay in line with my goals because Elly was my inspiration.”

Green Elly products include CuddleMeClean Wash, Cutie’s Patootie Paste (for diaper rash), Sweet Dream Cream and Tinkle Time Massage Gel.

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