Sugaring: A Sweet and Less Painful Method for Hair Removal

Let’s face it. We’re mammals and we have body hair. Some we love…some not so much.

If you’re inclined to let your hair grow where and how it may, this isn’t for you. For those of us who prefer to remove unwanted hair from certain areas that don’t always lend themselves to a razor, this is for you. 

I think I’ve tried every hair removal technique known to (wo)man, with the exception of electrolysis and laser hair removal. Shaving, depilatory creams, waxing, plucking, depilators–they all have their drawbacks, the main ones being unsightly, uncomfortable rashes and the fact that I simply can’t intentionally inflict that much pain on myself….repeatedly. 

Of late, I’ve discovered sugaring. It’s a little less violent, shall we say, than soft or hard waxing. it lasts longer than shaving and is less likely to cause a rash in more sensitive areas. It’s also free of highly questionable ingredients that burn hair off at the surface, is quicker and less painful that a depilator or plucking, and it seems to be easier on the skin over all. 

Similar to waxing in application and procedure, a paste is applied to the area where hair is to be removed, covered with a strip of fabric, then “whisked” away (aka ripped out…but more gently than with waxing). Sugaring can be used on shorter hair than waxing, leads to fewer ingrown hairs and–miracle of all miracles–apparently, over time, it can reduce the amount of hair growing in the areas it’s used.

Sugaring is not painless, but you know the saying, so I won’t even bothering including it here. It is, however, less painful, less likely to cause bruising and skin trauma and, unlike at-home wax kits, it’s actually feasible to give it a go on your own. That said, I recommend easy to reach, not highly sensitive areas for beginners. 

Want to give it a go? MOOMmakes easy to use organic hair removal products for face and body in kits that come with everything you need. Here’s to smoother skin, fewer bumps and less screaming.

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Image: alsjhc