These Organic Tampons Can Do What?! (It’s Not What You Think!)

These Organic Tampons Will Change Your Life
These Organic Tampons Will Change Your Life

Your choice in tampons is as personal as your favorite deodorant or signature scent. Of course, they have to be effective–no leaking or discomfort. They also need to be safe, so organic tampons all the way. But what about being more discreet?

What modern woman hasn’t had to conceal a tampon on her way to the ladies’ room? Or had one fall out of her purse at an inopportune moment (board meeting, first date…)?

Hey, tampons are a part of life right? Sure. But do they have to be so obvious?

Enter, Cora Organic Tampons. These babies are going to change your life! Safe tampons, made with 100 percent premium organic cotton that hides in a cool-looking cosmetic or nifty little black clutch. All of this sounds pretty dang great already, but it gets even better. Purchasing Cora Organic Tampons means girls in need get the sanitary protection they deserve too.

For more details, take a look at these feminine hygiene beauties below, along with a Q & A with Cora founder, Molly Hayward.

Interview with Cora Organic Tampons Founder, Molly Hayward

Cora Organic Tampons

Liz Thompson: What inspired you to create nontoxic tampons?

Molly Hayward: When I learned that the conventional brand-name tampons I’d been using for years contained chemical synthetics and non-organic cotton (one of the dirtiest crops in the world for the amount of pesticides sprayed on them) I was afraid for my own health and that of all other women. I saw an opportunity to not only offer a safe and healthy 100 percent organic cotton tampon, but to create a modern brand for the woman of today who is smart, sophisticated, and conscious.

LT: What are the risks of using conventionally produced tampons?

MH: The herbicide and pesticide residues that studies have detected in conventional cotton have been linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and infertility. The synthetics used have been studied and found to have a link to a higher incidence of Toxic Shock Syndrome. It’s important to note that there have been no long-term studies on the effects of these conventional tampons on women’s health, and manufacturers are not required by the FDA to disclose the ingredients they use.

LT: What materials do you use in Cora tampons to make them safe for women?

MH: We believe in taking every precaution when it comes to a product that will be placed against some of the most delicate tissue in a woman’s body, which is why Cora tampons are 100 percent organic cotton and contain no synthetics, fragrances, or chemicals. Simply stated, our products contain one ingredient: organic cotton.

LT: Do Cora tampons offer as effective protection as conventional tampons?

MH: Yes, Cora tampons use Fearless Fit technology, which means they are woven in such a way that they can effectively absorb and hold just as much liquid as any other brand, without the use of synthetic super-absorbents like Rayon. Our tampons also expand widthwise to conform to a woman’s body comfortably and prevent leaks.

Cora Organic Tampons

LT: You go beyond the safety of tampons, to creating packaging that is not only better looking but easier to tote around. Can you tell us more about it?

MH: We wanted to solve not just one pain point in the traditional menstrual care experience, but all of them, including how we deal with our periods in our daily lives at home and on the go. Our Little Black Box holds your cycle’s worth of tampons stylishly and discreetly in your bathroom at home or at the office. Our Little Black Clutch is a chic vegan-leather carrying case that holds a day’s worth of tampons that you can drop in your purse or your gym bag. It’s so chic and understated we’ve even heard from women who have placed them on a conference table in a meeting or on the bar at a restaurant without anyone being the wiser–i.e. no more shoving tampons up your sleeve on your walk to the bathroom.

LT: You offer a subscription service. How do we determine which plan is right for us and get started receiving Cora?

MH: We offer a range of tampon quantity and absorbency combinations, because we know every woman is different. Start by estimating how many tampons you use per cycle, then decide what mix of regular and/or super you want. We also offer flexible billing options, so you can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually (plus quarterly and annual members get a great discount!).

LT: You give back in a big way. Can you fill us in on how we can help girls and women who don’t have access to feminine hygiene products?

MH: We believe that every woman on the planet deserves access to safe and healthy menstrual management supplies, but in India one in four girls drops out of school once she starts her period, in part because she can’t afford effective menstrual products and stays home from school during that time each month for fear of an embarrassing leak. For every month’s supply of Cora purchased by a woman here in the U.S., we give a month’s supply of sustainable pads to a girl in a developing country so she can go to school and do anything during her period. We work with a local social enterprise partner called Aakar Innovations to purchase plant-based biodegradable sanitary pads that they produce. Aakar employs and empowers local women to make the pads, meaning our purchase generates revenue for them and allows them to scale as a sustainable business. The girls who receive the pads are able to confidently attend school or play with their friends during their periods. A girl who has a full education will have fewer, healthier children, and those children will be more likely to also become educated.

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