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Tom’s of Maine® Rolls Out New Toothpaste With 'Rediscover Your Pearly Whites' Campaign

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Tom's of Maine Luminous White


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Natural toothpaste and whiter teeth don’t always go hand-in-hand. Does that mean we have to use toothpaste with chemicals or put up with a dingy smile? Not anymore. Tom’s of Maine® just introduced a new whitening toothpaste and it’s dazzling.

When asked if I was interested in doing a review on Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste, I jumped on board. That’s because I had just finished a tube before ever hearing about the Rediscover Your Pearly Whites Campaign.

As far as whitening toothpastes go, my past experience had been lackluster. Few natural toothpastes provided any visible whitening, and those that did cost more than I am willing to spend on toothpaste, so I’d resorted to chemical whitening toothpastes and even chemical white strips. Some of them worked, but all of them made my teeth super sensitive. Not a long term option.

Tom's of Maine Luminous White Toothpaste

Luminous White via Tom's of Maine

While shopping at my local Target, I discovered Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste and decided to give it a try. And guess what? It actually worked to whiten my not-so-pearly whites. Added bonus … no sensitivity.

Maybe you were blessed with naturally white teeth. The rest of us need a boost in the dazzling smile department. Why is our culture so obsessed with a bright white smile?

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For starters, coffee, tea, and red wine consumption stains the teeth. And who wants to give up those wonderful things in the name of a whiter smile? Our teeth also tend to become more discolored as we age. A whiter smile looks healthy, youthful, and it’s a relatively easy fix.

Regular Teeth Whitening Methods V Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste

Some of the most popular whitening methods are whitening pens, gels, and strips. These options offer limited results and the formulas used are usually peroxide-based, which can cause tooth sensitivity and mouth irritation.

Bleaching is another way to get a brighter smile. In-office treatments use a special light or laser to help the bleach penetrate enamel. Over time, this can dry out and damage tooth enamel.

So what does Tom’s of Maine® use to brighten your smile? Titanium dioxide, a natural mineral, gently removes surface stains which discolor the teeth, safer on enamel than chemical or laser whitening treatments. The minty flavor comes from natural peppermint oil, and the product contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

Does Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste contain fluoride?

Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste does contain fluoride. Fluoride has some haters, but it has been found to reduce tooth decay when used in appropriate amounts. The risks associated with fluoride are generally concerning the levels in drinking water when the ingredient is actually ingested. (Learn more about fluoride in toothpaste.)

Does Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste contain SLS?

Yes, Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste does contain sodium lauryl sulfate. This is one ingredient I try to avoid in cosmetics and personal care, and I wish the toothpaste was free from SLS, but the truth is I'd be using it in a conventional toothpaste along with more harmful ingredients. Tom’s of Maine® stands by its research and backs the ingredient as safe when used in this product as directed. Read about the brand’s stance on SLS, safety concerns, and why it uses the ingredient in its toothpastes.

Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste Clean Mint is fresh without being either too bland or too strong. And a little goes a long way. Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste is cruelty-free, gluten-free, and all packaging is recyclable through TerraCycle®.

This post is sponsored by Tom’s of Maine®. We love our sponsors!

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