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We are So in Love with the Love Goodly Subscription Box!

Love Goodly Is One of the Best Subscription Boxes We've Tried Yet

You know how natural beauty boxes are all the rage, right? Seen them, done that, nothing new. If that is how you feel, time to meet Love Goodly.

What’s so different or special about this box? For starters, the Love Goodly box is not just about beauty. While I love a fun beauty box as much as the next gal, it is pretty darn exciting to get a mix of beauty, lifestyle, and wellness items right on your door step.

The Love Goodly box that arrived in my mail contained some nifty natural beauty products, yes. It also contained a box of organic muesli (who doesn’t love a yummy oatmeal blend?!) and a sweet little sterling silver bracelet. Yes, jewelry. A value of over $85 and pretty cute too.

You can shop all brands from the boxes on the Love Goodly Shop page, and can filter your shopping experience by value icon – like supports charity, vegan, or cruelty-free. On the site you can also find a comprehensive listing of harmful ingredients and sign up for the box, which ships every other month.

Love Goodly Feb Mar box

Ok, now back to that box.

Since I’m all about the beauty I’d like to start there. My box contained a bottle of LVX vegan nail polish in True LOVE Red, an exclusive collab between the brand and Love Goodly. I also received a bar of SkinnySkinny Basil & Mint Soap, a Cellar Door Tahitian Grapefruit Vanilla Travel candle, and the aforementioned muesli and bracelet.

Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller, cofounders of Love Goodly, were kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Here’s what they had to say.

An Interview With Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller of Love Goodly

Love Goodly Cofounders Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller

Liz Thompson: Love your site, it’s like an organic beauty/wellness shop with the best full-sized samples program ever! Can you tell us a bit about what inspires you to live a healthy, nontoxic lifestyle?

Justine Lassoff: I have always been focused on health and fitness, having grown up with an active family. Diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are an epidemic. After watching "Forks over Knives", and realizing the impact a plant-based diet can have on improving your health, my husband and I completely changed our diet. And realizing that our skin is our largest organ (60 percent of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body), and that our government currently does no testing of personal care products with the average woman being exposed to 168 different chemicals a day, using nontoxic beauty and skincare just makes sense.

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From the Organic Authority Files

LT: Another cool feature you have is giving back, with 5 percent of each box sold going to charity. How did you choose the organizations you contribute to?

JL: We select charities that we are passionate about, and that relate to our mission. Farm Sanctuary, focused on compassion for animals, aligns with our belief in cruelty-free, with no animals ever being harmed. Cure Cervical Cancer is an organization that is helping cure women by setting up sustainable clinics in third world countries.

LT: Many items on your site are vegan and gluten free. Do either of you eat vegan and/or gluten free diets?

Katie Bogue Miller: Yes! Our whole site is always vegan, and we strive for gluten-free and organic whenever possible. I have been vegan for 10+ years and vegetarian of 25 years. I am a firm believer that what you put into your body directly relates to your health (obviously!) and that goes for what you put onto your skin as well. The importance of being vegan to me is three fold: compassion for animals, better for my health, and better for the environment.

LT: Which beauty product can you not live without?

JL: The beauty product I cannot live without is KINDri’s Organic Beauty Oil – it’s a blend of pure organic oils by Robin McDonald, Charlize Theron’s aesthetician, that I use every day!

KBM:Blissoma Awake Moisturizer- organic, raw, and vegan. Completely moisturizing but non-greasy. It firms lightly and is very wearable under makeup. Also, I am never without a Hurraw! Balm, truly the best and tastiest lip balm. All raw, simple ingredients.

LT: If you were to give one healthful lifestyle tip to women, what would it be?

JL: Watch "Forks Over Knives," eat more plants, and check the ingredients on your beauty and skincare products!

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Images courtesy Love Goodly

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