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What Having a Manifestation Mindset Is All About

What Having a Manifestation Mindset Is All About

Embracing a manifestation mindset could help you achieve your goals.

Simply put, having a manifestation mindset is about clearly identifying your goals—what you want to manifest. Maintaining this mindset allows “an individual to generate, create, or invite into their lives what it is they want and need,” says Andrew Polloi, M.A., LMHC.

Although this may sound like an easy task, Polloi cautions that often times, it’s difficult for a person to remain clear about what they want and need. However, anyone attempting to maintain a manifestation mindset needs to do this difficult work. Because if you don’t truly know what you want, you can’t open yourself and bring your want into being.

Meditate your way to a manifestation mindset

One excellent way to achieve a manifestation mindset is through meditation.

"Meditation is based on silence and is reflected in the five elements; earth, fire, sky, water and air,” says Marcie Anderson, Ph.D., author, and meditation specialist.

“Try choosing one element that is your jam—one that speaks to you—to begin. You can build from there. In my book, "Are We There Yet? Enlightenment for Busy People", I walk the reader through each element in order, and offer practical nature-based meditations that speak to the beginner as well as the seasoned meditator.”

Anderson explains that it's best to sit outside in nature while practicing this technique. However, you also can sit or lay down wherever, breathe deeply, “and allow your imagination to take you, along with the element you've chosen, and feel, listen to, touch, and sense its effect on you,” she says.

Use technology to keep on track

Jamie Price, co-founder of Stop, Breathe & Think, adds that meditation is a powerful tool that can intentionally direct your thoughts and maximize your brain’s ability to change and grow in the direction you want it to.

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“Relax, Ground & Clear is a positive visualization meditation that I love,” says Price. “Start by imagining peaceful calmness wash through your body. Imagine that all the sounds in your environment are actually sounds of peaceful calmness.”

Continue by connecting with the grounding stability of the earth. Then, imagine the strong and stable energy of the earth come up through your feet and fill your body. “Finally, imagine yourself sitting on a tall mountain peak as your thoughts empty into the vast open sky,” adds Price.

“Visualizations like this one provide an opportunity to let go, open up to positive attitudes and a fresh perspective.” (You can listen to a guided audio track of Relax, Ground & Clear in the “Find Your Calm” section of the Stop, Breathe & Think app.)

Create a vision

Polloi suggests that people create specific visions to help build a manifestation mindset.

“Values connect to wants. Wants can be translated into specific visions. Visions can be manifested through a manifestation mindset,” Polloi says.

“For example, if I strongly value honesty, intimacy, and, fun, I may desire a relationship with a playful, heartfelt companion who will go on adventures with me. Once I know I want this relationship, I can begin to envision the details of the person, the quality of our connection, and the things I want to do with that person.”

Next, Polloi says he would open his mind to believe, feel, see, and experience what he has envisioned.

“Writing and speaking about values, wants, needs, and visions are great ways to stay on track, day by day and week by week,” adds Polloi. “As we cultivate what is, in fact, a powerful faith disposition in regard to what we are manifesting.”

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