Switching Your Razor Will Make You Hate Shaving Way Less (Promise)

Switching Your Razor Will Make You Hate Shaving Way Less (Promise)

It’s possible to jazz up almost any part of your beauty regime, but when it comes to shaving, it never feels all that glamourous. While sun worshippers like me countdown the days ‘til summer, it also means the return of regular shaving which let’s be honest, is a real drag. Sure, you could ditch the razor permanently and embrace your body hair all year round, but for many of us having fuzz-free legs has come to feel like a necessity. Thanks, female beauty standards!

It seems like the only razor options out there for us ladies come in various shades of pink, and then there’s the plastic. So much plastic. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that Americans throw more than 2 billion disposable razors in the trash every year. With those kinds of stats, it’s time to start thinking about eco-friendly razor alternatives.

Reusable handles with replaceable blades aren’t all that better either. Cartridges still need to be thrown away just as often, and what the heck do they put in those so-called soothing strips anyway?

Going Old School

Although it’s hard to remember a time when plastic wasn’t the answer to everything, it turns out there has always been a better way to shave. As with most things, it got pushed aside for the mass consumer alternative. After all, why would the health and beauty giants want you to stick to reusing one eco-friendly razor when you can buy it every month?

Safety razors are the way your fathers and grandfathers used to shave, and they’re making a comeback. Far more men are now switching back to these, but why should they have all the fun?

Made without a scrap of plastic in sight, all that needs replacing are the razor blades themselves when they eventually become dull. Over time you’re not only wasting less, but saving money, too! There’s no need for triple or even quadruple blades either to get a close, clean shave. These do all the work with a single blade.

One eco-luxe brand bringing women up to speed is Oui Shave. The concept is simple; the razors are no different to those targeted at men but paired with heavenly scented all-natural shaving oils and an eco-attitude, it’s a ready-to-go package for any women looking to ditch questionable foams and for something altogether more elegant and effective. For safety razor newbies, Oui Shave’s how-to videos are a must watch.

On my own switch over to safety razors, I decided to go it alone and buy a stand alone razor without the frills. Grooming supply sites like Fendrihan sell a huge variety of safety razors, so you can go as basic or high-end as you want. I opted for this beautiful gold-plated number, which comes with a recommendation for wet shaving beginners. All you need are some double-edged blades and you’re set for your new and improved shaving kit!

A Few Tips For Safety Razor Beginners

  • You’ll soon start to notice you get a much closer shave, but that also means you need to watch out for the sharper blade! It’s nothing to be scared of, just take your time on the first few shaves and soon enough you’ll be able to shave a little quicker.
  • It’s all about the angle. Again, you’ll learn the best for you, but in general, the head of the razor needs to be more parallel to the surface of your skin than what you’re used to with your plastic packaged varieties.
  • If you don’t want to buy a pre-made shaving oil or cream, just plain coconut oil will work an absolute treat.
  • The head of safety razors are double-sided, so you can flip them around before rinsing. When you do, a sink of warm water and soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) will do just fine.

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