Why You Should Try Jennifer Aniston’s Killer Boxing Workout

There’s no denying that Jennifer Aniston has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood. Always quick to share her latest wellness and fitness obsessions, the star recently revealed her latest love: boxing, which she now calls her “exercise of choice.”

Why You Should Try Jennifer Aniston's Killer Boxing Workout

The star’s boxing trainer, Leyon Azubuike, founder of LA boxing gym, Gloveworx, shared with US Weekly details of Aniston’s rigorous workout. From what we gathered from it, if you want a A-list body, you’ve got to put in quality A time and effort.

Here’s why the Emmy winner’s routine is such a knockout.

Boxing is Badass for Your Bod

First, there’s a reason why celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Karlie Kloss flock to boxing gyms to get their sweat on: it’s a full-body workout that works.

Boxing is not only a high-intensity cardio workout, which means you will easily torch calories, but it’s also a great strengthening exercise. During a boxing workout, you may punch a bag hundreds of times, requiring your upper body, lower body, and core to engage as you make contact with the bag, making it a sure-fire way to sculpt, tighten, and tone.

Her Workout Always Changes

“The thing with Jen is that she works out very hard and very intense, so the workout is ever changing. It is always evolving because I have to continue to challenge her,” Azubuike told US Weekly.

By constantly mixing up her routine Aniston is reducing her risk of injury, building new muscles, reducing boredom, and blasting through any weight loss plateau that she may hit if she’d engage in the same workout repetitively.

As Azubuike tells the magazine, “We like to introduce things that are muscle confusion, new movements that she is not used to that will continue to challenge her to give her very best.”

Her Abs Get Special Attention

There’s a reason why Aniston sports such a taut tummy: she works hard for it.

Azubuike uses accessories, like mini-bands and battle ropes, to help active the “Friends” alum’s core.

“We love the ropes, they are something you can do to add resistance to a movement and it really makes your core fire,” he said.

While battle ropes are mostly considered for improving upper body strength, as Azubuike points out, they’re actually an amazing full-body workout because they help to engage the back, core, legs, and glute muscles. To help tone your legs even more, add some jump lunges and squats to your battle rope routine. Want abs like Aniston’s? Throw some Russian Twists and burpees with a rope slam into your next workout, and you’ll definitely feel it in your core.

She Cools Down

While most of us skip our cool down, Azubuike ensures to include it as part of his workouts. He uses a foam roller and trigger point balls to help alleviate and relax Aniston’s muscles, focusing on the back and glutes.

Foam rolling is a method of self-myofascial release, which helps to release the pressure collected during the exercise. Regularly using foam rollers help your body recover faster, and also help prevent any injuries, which might hinder your next workout session. It’s recommended to foam roll each time you exercise, before or after, depending on which exercises you’re doing that day.

As Azubuike tells US Weekly, by taking the time to cool down and using a foam roller, “it gives you a jumpstart on the next session. Recovery is key.”

The Takeaway

Aniston’s kick-butt formula is simple enough. By sticking to an intense workout like boxing that constantly changes, while paying special attention to her abs, and always including a cool down, an A-list body could be ours.

Although there is one thing that she has that we don’t. Her genes.

“Jen is one of those anomalies,” Azubuike said. “She is ageless.”

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