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Your 'Back to the Real World' Kit

It's time to get back to (wellness) basics.
back to the real world organic meal kit delivered

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Grounding into the flow that carries us from the carefree vibe of summer to the structured feel to fall can be overwhelming. We're suddenly forced to go from fun and freedom to routines, scheduled bedtimes, and more work, less vacation. Oof. No wonder there's a lot of the Sunday scaries happening on the daily during this week. 

Here's why: when our personal ecosystem -- our health and our overall vibe -- is disrupted due to a change in rhythm, we start to feel out of sync. As a result, we might be operating from anxious and scattered energy that could affect our general well-being. We might get sick, lose sleep, or become easily stressed out over the tiniest things.

When we think of our bodies and spirit as a vital ecosystem that sustains us then we're able to see that when we take care of ourselves from the inside out, we're better equipped to handle the disruptions and stress from our outer world, like, for example, the reemergence of meal prep Sundays and homework. 

Which is why it's so important to have a handy kit of wellness essentials to help ease you into your new routine. Thankfully, we rounded up our favorite wellness products, from supplements to beauty products to even an organic meal delivery service, that will provide you with the much-needed tools to help you get back to the real world. You're welcome! 

Sakara's Meal Delivery Service 


As you adapt to your new routine, you could probably use a little help in the kitchen for your post-summer reset. This is why signing up for a meal delivery service like the Sakara could be exactly what you need to make your days and nights run smoother. 

Sakara's organic, plant driven meals come ready-to-eat, delivered to your door. No meal planning, recipe hunting, grocery shopping or cooking required. This is a real nutrition, results driven program that's designed for you to experience the power of food as medicine. You can even customize your program to fit your busy schedule. Just in time for fall, they've launched their limited-edition, 3-week, The RE:PROGRAM to help you restore, reset and refresh. It even comes with $155 of free self-care essentials to freshen up your routine from brands like Goop, Kosas, Sagely Naturals CBD and more. 

Exclusive to the Organic Authority audience, first time subscribers receive a 20% discount with code: XOORGANICAUTHORITY

Read more about Sakara's The RE:PROGRAM here. 

Elysium NAD+ Supplement

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 5.09.24 PM

Supplements are an important part of a healthy regimen and can help you get back on track with your vitamin and mineral needs as well as enhance and support your body in a way that food cannot.

Elysium's NAD+ supplement is a great addition to your supplement routine. NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme found in all living cells and is a necessary part of fundamental biological processes, including creating energy and keeping DNA healthy. But NAD+ levels decline as we age, which is why you might want to try NAD+ supplementation. It's a new season for a new you, after all. 

$50 with a subscription. 

Not Pot CBD Gummies

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 4.24.01 PM

Soothe those Sunday scaries with a daily, strawberry-flavored CBD gummy for your endocannabinoid system. CBD oil is known to help ease anxiety and stress, as well as help you catch some much-needed sleep (especially since we'll be waking up earlier now. Groan). In fact, if you want to discover more check out our CBD oil guide, "Best CBD Oils Vetted by Our Editors", and our guide to best CBD gummies. 

These ones from Not Pot are non-psychoactive (aka you won’t get high) and are tested by top scientists, medical doctors, and universities at the forefront of medical cannabis research. 

$35.99 with a subscription.

Plush Beds


Sleep is crucial for our health. It not only maintains our weight and reduces sleep, but it also helps keep us looking fresh and glowing. Yes, beauty rest is a real thing. With the change in our routines comes fall, and you're bound to feel a little groggier than usual. Which is why a good night's sleep should be at the top of your list to help you feel your best. 

Plush Beds are made from only the purest, organic, botanical materials. Whether you're looking for a new mattress, pillows, or toppers, you can be sure you're getting the healthiest and cleanest sleep ever. 

Pricing starts at $999 and goes up depending on the bed size you choose. 

Vitruvi Evening Rituals Kit

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 4.59.06 PM
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From the Organic Authority Files

Now that you have the bed of your organic dreams, it's time to prepare an evening rituals kit. Having an evening ritual allows you to reclaim your energy from your hectic day. Consider it a little "me" time where you get to clear your mind, free up space for the day ahead, and allow you to sleep better. 

Vitruvi's Evening Rituals Kit is perfect for this. It comes with full-sized bottles of their five favouite essential oil products, including frankincense and lavender, for ending your day.

True Botanicals Repair Serum

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 5.14.55 PM

Stress and lack of sleep cause us to look a bit more, uh, less glowing than usual. As we adapt to our new bedtimes, we need all the help we can get to look as fresh as a daisy in the morning. Adding a night time repair serum like this one from True Botanicals to your evening beauty routine will give your skin everything it needs to look plumper, smoother, and more radiant.


Goop Glow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator


We know: you love your summer glow and hate the idea that it'll fade away into dullness. Never fear! Because with this Instant Glow Exfoliator from GOOP, which is inspired by the transformative brightening and smoothing effects of microdermabrasion, you'll definitely be able to keep your lovely glow even as the weather becomes, yikes, cooler. 

Exfoliation is a key ingredient to any beauty routine since it cuts down on debris and bacteria, and promotes clear and bright skin while softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles, so if you haven't included it yet in yours, now is the time to do it. 

$112 with a subscription. 

Vegamour Lash and Brow Volumizing Serum

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 5.27.48 PM

Did you know your lashes grow in cycles? They often become the fullest in the summer and then start to shed once the fall weather comes. To keep your lashes as thick and sexy as ever, you'll want to add a lash serum into your makeup mix. And since full brows will never go out of style (especially since we all remember too well the dreadful pencil-thin trend of the '90s) you can't go wrong with a brow serum either. 

These vegan and cruelty-free serums from Vegamour promise to create fuller, denser, longer looking lashes and brows the healthy way in as little as 30 days after regular, committed use -- without hormones, carcinogens or dangerous side effects.


Quip Electric Toothbrush 

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 10.05.05 AM

Looking for a new toothbrush for your "new" morning routine? Why not try an electric toothbrush like this set from Quip? 

Accepted by the American Dental Association, you get a full two-minute clean thanks to its sensitive sonic vibrations, built-in timer, and 30-second pulses to remind you when to switch sides. Plus, every three months they deliver a fresh brush head and battery for only $5. That way you never have to deal with a worn-out toothbrush! It's something to smile about, especially after that new 5 a.m start to the day.

Quip metal sets start at $40

Ora Organic Vegan Pre-Workout Powder


Did you slack off from your exercise routine this summer? Now that it's cooler and our days aren't as fun and frivolous, it's the perfect time to get back to the gym and get your sweat on. If you need a little pep in your step -- especially if you're not the morning riser type or just need some motivation -- you might want to try a pre-workout powder like this organic vegan one from Ora. 

Coming in a delicious organic beet and pomegranate flavor, the powder is a clean source of energy that includes 90mg of caffeine thanks to a balanced blend of organic green coffee bean, yerba mate, matcha tea, eleuthero root, and ginseng, that will get you ready to run it out. But because it doesn't have beta alanine, it won't make you feel strung out or jittery. 


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