From Our Friends: January 30, 2015

Yes. Vegetarian super bowl snacks are tasty.

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl this weekend? I am! I tend to watch it for alternate reasons, though (live-tweet annoying things, watch Katy Perry…), but I dig how excited everyone gets about this bizarre game of ball throwing. So, before you head to the kitchen to make some killer Super Bowl party snacks, read this week’s From Our Friends. From Our Friends is OA’s weekly roundup of our favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web.

This week’s post has a link to an article about sickness prevention, a few Super Bowl party recipes, snacks, and drinks, and a post that will keep your kid’s busy during snowy weather. Also: an article that shows off some great snow sculptures and a killer leg workout.

1. Flu season is a bit out of control this year. Don’t worry, though – these doctors spoke to Prevention and gave a few tips on how they avoid sickness.

2. Too snowy to go outside? Get your kids started on this leaf art project from Crafting a Green World.

3. Vegetarians can throw a tasty Super Bowl party, too. The Veg Daily Blog has some vegetarian recipe ideas.

4. And if you don’t want to make full-on recipes, that’s cool. Whole Food’s Market has some great healthy party food ideas.

5. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a party without a signature cocktail, and EcoSalon has just the one. The Moonshine Kombucha Cocktail Recipe.

6. So, a lot of snow just got dumped in the northeast. Perhaps you can make one of these large snow sculptures. From HooplaHa.

7. If you’ve got a bit of extra time this weekend, make sure to try out this new leg workout. Via The Chalkboard.

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