25 Things To Do When You’re Broke AF

Things to do when you are broke.

Whether by necessity, to save money, or to try and reduce your footprint, sometimes it becomes necessary to spend less money. But coming up with things to do with little or no money can be challenging.

Some of us are already frugally-minded and have no problem entertaining ourselves on a small budget, but if you’re used to giving into impulse buys, going out to eat whenever the urge strikes you, and don’t think twice about going someplace fabulous for vacation, the urge to spend money can be difficult to overcome. Here are some clever ideas for fun things to do when you are broke or trying to save money.

25 Things to Do That Won’t Break the Bank

  1. Visit the library instead of downloading books on your Kindle or iPad. In fact, many library systems even offer digital books!
  2. Take a free class. Check the library or your local parks and recreation for free or reduced cost classes.
  3. Take up hiking at your local nature preserve. It’s better than a gym membership.
  4. Just chillax and window shop with your best friend.
  5. Have a yard or garage sale to get rid of stuff and make money!
  6. Visit a museum. Many museums offer free admission for certain events or during certain times of the year.
  7. Make dinner for your friends instead of going out to eat. Hopefully, they will reciprocate sometime soon.
  8. Make your homemade spa treatments from stuff in your kitchen.
  9. Spend time with your pets. They will love you for it.
  10. Make some art and crafts using some supplies you already have at home.
  11. Learn a new skill by watching YouTube videos. Calligraphy, photography, and knitting are some ideas that come to mind.
  12. Create your own coloring book from photos you’ve taken using Photoshop.
  13. Take up fermenting and make your own kimchi, kombucha, and more at home.
  14. Catch up on your podcasts and start listening to some new ones.
  15. Start a podcast.
  16. Organize those old family recipes and turn them into a cookbook for family and friends.
  17. Write snail mail letters to friends you haven’t seen in awhile. Or better yet, get a penpal!
  18. Learn to sew (if you don’t already know how). Mend and repair old clothes or turn them into new wearables.
  19. Start a container or backyard garden.
  20. Start that “Great American Novel” you’ve meant to write.
  21. Bake cookies. Give them to friends, neighbors, or coworkers if you don’t want to eat them all.
  22. Throw a BYOB dance party in your living room.
  23. Volunteer at the local animal shelter, food bank, as a Big Brother/Sister, or for another worthy cause.
  24. Listen to music and dance with wild abandon like nobody’s watching.
  25. Two words: Netflix and chill.

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