7 Reasons Whole Food Dietary Supplements Can Improve Your Health

7 Common Reasons You May Want to Incorporate (Wholefood) Dietary Supplements into Your Life

The verdict is in: you don’t need to take a daily multivitamin in order to stay healthy and strong. However, there definitely is a place for dietary supplements in one’s diet, particularly if you are dealing with a specific condition or ailment that requires a boost in nutrients you can’t easily get from food alone. Learn what 7 health and wellness conditions can invite wholefood dietary supplements into your life.

The suggested dietary supplements are well-researched and are as whole food, vegan, and plant-based as they can get. Nevertheless, before taking any supplement, please consult your doctor for further assistance.

7 Reasons for Taking Dietary Supplements

1. Efficient Digestion

Optimal digestion is a tricky terrain to navigate. Even when you are doing everything right, you can still feel “clogged.” Probiotic and fiber supplements can make a big difference in your regularity.

Garden of Life’s DetoxiFiber powder is certified organic and includes the likes of flax seed, pea hull fiber, alfalfa, barley grasses, and chia seeds. It is devoid of psyllium husk or harsh laxatives and is gluten-free. In addition to jumpstarting your digestive system, it also traps toxins such as metals, lead, mercury, and other environmental pollutants in order to safely deposit them from your body.

Meanwhile, for a daily boost, consider incorporating a probiotic into your morning regimen. Essential Formula’s Dr. Ohirra’s Probiotics are perhaps the most elite and popular on the market. Each black pill contains 12 synergistic strains of lactic acid bacteria that are fermented for 3 years to maximize health. Dr. Ohirra’s Probiotics are vegetarian, hypoallergenic (no dairy or gluten), and non-GMO. You only need to take one per day and they don’t require refrigeration.

2. Beautiful Skin, Hair, and Nails

Glowing skin, strong nails, and lustrous hair require a steady supply of nutrients, as external care is often not enough to achieve lasting results. DEVA Hair Nails & Skin supplement is a vegan synergetic formula containing aloe vera, n-acetyl-cysteine, MSM, methionine, rosemary extra, sage extra, fenugreek extract, and horsetail herb extract. It also contains 500 mcg of biotin per tablet. It works from the inside out – at the cellular level – to make you look more beautiful than every before!

3. Candida-Free

Women often deal with yeast overgrowth in their systems, which can lead to bloating, acne, fatigue, frequent yeast infections, and a host of other symptoms. Candida feeds off of sugar, so it is important to maintain a low-sugar diet to literally starve it out. But it also never hurts to have a little help, especially for those who have more severe candida-like symptoms.

The cell walls of yeast are mostly fiber and can be broken down with enzymes. Garden of Life’s RAW Candida Cleanse supplement is a whole-food supplement packed with probiotics and enzymes. It is uncooked, untreated, and unadulterated and includes no binders, fillers, chemical isolates, or synthetic nutrients.

4. Graceful Pregnancy

Your diet is of particular concern during pregnancy, when you are essentially eating for two (or more!). During pregnancy, some nutrients are more important than others and play a vital role in your baby’s development. Some of the most crucial nutrients include folic acid, iron, calcium, zinc, choline, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein.

MegaFood offers a range of Baby & Me supplements that work to support the health of a woman and her baby during pregnancy and lactation. A daily serving of the supplement includes 800 mcg of folic acid, 18 mg iron, and 600 IU of vitamin D. The formulas contribute to the strength, balance, and mood of women and their babies during these sensitive times and are certified gluten free, vegetarian, not tested on animals, soy free, dairy free, farm fresh, and GMO free.

5. Sharp Brain

The brain is nearly 60 percent fat. So it comes as no surprise that you may feel lethargic, slow-thinking, or muddled in brain fog when you subsist on a low-fat diet. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve cognitive function and even increase the volume of the brain. Healthy fats are sourced from nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, plant-based oils, and fish are often enough to keep your brain functioning at its peak. However, without proper planning, it is difficult for many people, especially vegans and vegetarians, to get enough omega-3 fatty acids – ALA, EPA, and DHA – in their diets.

The Nature Made 100% Vegetarian Omega-3 capsule is made from algae, which offers 540 mg of EPA+DHA per serving. O-Mega_Zen3 capsules are also vegan and provide 300mg of DHA. For those who aren’t vegan or vegetarian, Whole Earth & Sea sells Pure Food Cogni-Fit, a supplement that offers an easily absorbed 3:1 ration of DHA and EPA omga-3 fatty acids sustainably harvest from Norwegian herring fisheries. The soft gels are non-GMO and contain no gluten, soy, or corn.

6. More Protein

There are tons of protein supplements on the market, often in powder form, and the majority of them are doing more harm than good to the body. Vanity aside, most protein powders put your health at risk. Whey and casein are the proteins of choice among mainstream body builders and are derived from cow’s milk. The effects of whey and casein protein on the body can be disastrous, including an increased risk of cancer, kidney stones, liver problems, clogged arteries, and weight gain.

Luckily, with the rise of the health movement in the United States, comes the advent of companies producing plant-based protein powders sourced from Mother Nature’s most valuable goodies, such as nuts, seeds, legumes, and greens. Sunwarrior is one of the leading brands among plant-based powder proteins. Its Classic Protein Vanilla is raw, 100% plant-based, and hypoallergenic as well as free of gluten, GMO, chemical, acids, and solvents. One scoop contains 15 grams of protein!

7. Less Stress

Getting rid of stress is easier said than done. Now you can do so without thinking much about it. Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing and has been used since ancient times to treat many conditions. It belongs to the same family as the tomato and is a plump, raisin-sized fruit sourced from a shrub with oval leaves and yellow flowers. It is often referred to as the “Indian ginseng” because of its rejuvenating properties. Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen, which alters your body’s response to stress and helps it to cope better with anxiety and fatigue. Adaptogens know when to boost your energy levels or bring them down, effectively respecting your body’s needs.

Organic India’s Ashwagandha supplement contains no GMOs, gluten, or animal byproducts. It is certified kosher and halal.

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