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Look, we get it: Navigating the world of dietary supplements is overwhelming. Are daily multivitamins necessary? What’s a probiotic? And should you really be popping turmeric pills like everyone else?

Here's the skinny: Although whole foods should be the first line of reaping vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, some supplements can offer a serious boost to your health and wellbeing.

But before we dive in, a word of warning: You should always ask your doctor regarding taking new supplements and vitamins first, especially if taking certain medications – as misusing supplements can result in serious health issues.

And once you've gotten your doctor's OK, do your research! Look for a product that has a third-party certification verifying the supplement’s quality, such as NSF International, Consumer Lab, or United States Pharmacopeia. Or, head to a reputable health food store (such as Whole Foods Market or Pharmaca) that has a knowledgeable practitioner or employee on staff, and ask for help.

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With that in mind, as a nutritionist, these are three dietary supplements I highly recommend taking daily to support whole body health and wellness. Here’s to your daily dose!

Ora Organic Sol Food Plant-Based Vitamin D3 Tablets.

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