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Are GMOs Making You Fat?

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An animal study done by the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science suggests that genetically modified foods contributes to weight gain, excessive hunger, and other changes in the body.

The study was conducted on rats and salmon over a 90-day period, during which the test groups were fed an entirely GMO diet.

The rats that received a diet of GMO corn grew steadily fatter than the control group, which was fed only non-GMO corn. In addition, the rats grew faster and ate more food, more often.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The study also looked at GMO salmon as compared to non-GMO salmon. The GMO salmon showed the same results as the rats, getting fatter, growing more quickly and eating more food, but they also developed an inability to properly digest certain proteins and showed intestinal changes.

“We are trying to identify which indicators we need to measure in order to explore unintentional effects from GM food,” explains Professor Åshild Krogdahl

“If the same effect applies to humans," he continues, "how would it impact on people eating this type of corn over a number of years, or even eating meat from animals feeding on this corn? I don't wish to sound alarmist, but it is an interesting phenomenon and worth exploring further.”

While the study only looked at the effects of GMOs on animals, the correlation to humans is intriguing. The website FoodFacts notes that the introduction of many GMOs to our food system roughly coincides with the obesity epidemic in America.

A California-based organization pushing for the labeling of GM foods, The Right to Know highlights independent studies that have linked GMOs to increased allergies, asthma, autism and ADHD. 

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