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5 Foods for a Flat Belly


Having a fit, lean belly is about more than your vanity; it's about building a strong core and thus a powerful you. When you're core is strengthened, so is your entire being. But no amount of crunches is going to get the job done on its own. The key to uncover a toned tummy lies in leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle; critical are the foods you nourish your body with. Devote yourself to whole unprocessed fare and mindful eating, and incorporate the following five super delicious foods into your flat belly diet. Then, you'll be well on your way to a healthier, muffin-top free you.

Avocados avocado is high in the oh-so-necessary monounsaturated fat which helps lower cholesterol and is loaded with nutritional clout to rank it amid the highest echelons of superfoods. But what's best about a creamy slice of avo? It's so satisfying, satiatingly scrumptious, that you'll feel full fast, and stay that way.

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Berries The antioxidants in berries are awesome at improving blood flow which delivers more oxygen to the muscles and helps us get the best out of our workouts. Make exercising feel easier by loading up on berries melange.

Oatmeal Starting your day off with oatmeal is like stretching at the outset of a jog; it prevents injuries – or overindulgences in this case – and promotes longevity – or the sustainability of a healthy diet. With its combo of complex carbs, protein, iron and fiber, oatmeal keeps everything running smoothly.

Green Tea It's been shown that drinking green tea can give your metabolism a boost, helping burn away that belly bulge. It contains a compound, ECGC, that makes it easier for your body to let go of that fat it seems to so strongly cling to.

Tomatoes Besides being amazingly versatile, tomatoes are high in water and fiber content, acting as a diuretic to help cleanse toxins from your body, and all on a low calorie count that's loaded with vitamins C and A.

image: Dylan & Cindi Luder

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