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The Green Way to A Romantic Getaway


Romantic getaways are always desirable no matter the time of year. But come February, couples retreats are in high demand. Everyone wants to hop on a plane (lots of fuel!), buy a box of chocolates (saturated fats!) and purchase a bouquet of roses (pesticides!) for their sweetie. In reality (and sarcastic parenthesis aside), couples retreats can be a tad expensive and not-so sustainable. Green options and eco hotels do exist, though. With a little research and a few Google searches, any eco-enthusiast can find some suitable destinations.

Sustainable Tourism and Lodging

The aim of the game here is searching for hotels and lodges that use sustainable practices and communities that support a traditional way of life. Tourism and entertainment sites that support a community’s natural landscape are preferable.

Eco-friendly lodges, hotels and bed & breakfasts are popping up nationally, and internationally. The destinations use alternative energies, such as solar, hydro and wind power, and some have even installed composting toilets.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The HuffPost has additional information concerning 10 eco-friendly getaways. Also, check out before booking a place to stay. The site enables users to search for hotels that use sustainable practices and materials.

Sustainable Winery Tours

Wineries that embrace sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming techniques are growing in number and popularity. Many of these wineries have wine tours and tastings.

Looking for other eco-friendly ways to connect with your sweetie? Enroll in a healthy, couples cooking class or a couples yoga class.

Want more? We’ve covered voluntourism and sustainable travel before.

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