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Can Astrology Help You Better Understand and Appreciate Your Friendships?

It's all about appreciating our differences.
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Are you curious about a new potential pal in your hot yoga class but not sure how to approach? Maybe you're trying to resolve a conflict within a long-term friendship and confused which way to approach it. Or maybe you have no clue what to get for your best friend's birthday because she's really picky. 

Believe it or not, astrology can help with all of this. 

Astrology, in my opinion, is best used as a tool to help us gain better awareness and understanding of ourselves and the people around us. When we're able to understand each other more fully, including how we communicate, how we view and deal with conflict or how we express or don't express emotions, we're able to form more functional and healthy relationships and friendships. Understanding leads to empathy, which leads to more love and connection. 

We might not always agree with someone and how they handle certain situations, but coming from a more empathetic place can only enhance and strengthen our bonds. We're able to better appreciate someone for who they are and stop ourselves from making knee-jerk assumptions. We can then choose to readily flip the script on perceived flaws or differences, a.k.a. the typical things that drive us bananas about our friends, and view them from a more loving light.

For example: your best friend is an Aries. On her "worst day" you might say she's bossy, impulsive, and always needs to be in charge. However, by understanding that an Aries feels most purposeful when she is lending her expertise to help and motivate others, you might be able to appreciate your friend's passion and natural sense of leadership. 

It's all about learning about each other so we can lean into each other, and, yes, the stars can help you with that. 

If you know your best friend's sun sign, here are some examples on how else you might be able to flip the script on your friend's flaws and view them from a more compassionate lens so you can deepen your connection even more. 

ARIES: Your Ram friend is larger than life at times and loves to rule the roost. Yes, she might take charge of your college reunion but understanding that she desires to motivate others and being needed by her friends will help you appreciate her fiery personality. 

TAURUS: The Bull best friend is a creature of comfort and is, not surprisingly, as stubborn as her namesake. However, she's also a friend who provides stability and security, and always knows what she wants. You never have to guess where you stand with her.

GEMINI: The Twins pal is either the life of the party in one instant, or distracted and brooding in another. But her dual nature means she's an incredible social chameleon and extremely adaptable, and is the perfect wingwoman at a networking event or your family's barbecue. 

CANCER:  The Crab is moody and likes to retreat in her shell frequently, refusing to leave her house on Friday night. However she's also a domestic goddess and loves hosting wine nights at her place, and she's always in tune with the emotions around her, including yours. 

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LEO: The Lion loves to be the center of attention and is always dressed to the nines, even on movie night. But she's also more than happy to introduce you to her large social circle, knows how to make you feel instantly comfortable, and never hesitates to let you borrow her clothes. 

VIRGO: The Virgin friend is super meticulous and never seems to be wrong about anything. But she's also the friend who will stay up late organizing your kitchen cupboards as she helps you talk through your latest relationship woes. 

LIBRA: Your Scales friend is a perfectionist, vain, and can be a people-pleaser. But she's also an excellent mediator and her epicurean tastes inspire you to improve your own tastes and is always available to cheer you on no matter what. 

SCORPIO: The Scorpion is deep and intense, and extremely private. However, she helps you connect with a deeper and more vulnerable part of yourself, and helps push you to be the most authentic person you can be. Plus, she's always got the best sex tips. 

SAGITTARIUS: The Archer friend is brash with her advice and sometimes a little pretentious. But she also isn't afraid to help support you with life's biggest decisions with her great sense of humour, and is truly the best travel companion ever. 

CAPRICORN: The Sea Goat friend is reserved and a bit of a loner, and addicted to work. But she's also extremely loyal and is the first one to lend her advice whenever you're in the midst of a crisis. She's also the first step up when it comes to organizing events. 

AQUARIUS: The Water Bearer can drift in and out of your life, and is sometimes so in her head that you feel that she's removed from her heart. However, her unbridled passion for life and independence is motivating and can help you think outside the box. 

PISCES: The Fish friend is highly sensitive, indecisive, and can be somewhat of a push-over. But her emotional nature allows you to feel your feelings more easily and helps connect you with your vulnerability, and having a flexible friend who admires you is truly a gift. 

By making simple shifts, we can use astrology to further understand our friendships, leading us to appreciate our tribe members even more. 

Brianne Hogan’s Friendship Signs: Your Perfect Match(es) Are in the Stars, a fun book on astrology and friendship, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Look for its official release on May, 14 2019!

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