How to Begin Each Day With Meaning and Vigor

Begin each day on the right foot.

How do you begin each day? Does it vary? Or could you use a little pep in your first step?

I find it rather amusing that the day I was assigned to write this, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. In fact, I was so far from the right side of the bed, I would have had to hail a cab to get there. I know this isn’t uncommon, but boy, it was unpleasant.

Mornings, in general, are rough. While everyone in the Organic Authority community is all about health and wellness, we don’t always follow those wellness tips to a T. But if there’s anything we’ve learned through the years while reporting on health news, it’s that we know intention matters most.

The next time you find yourself wanting to discover that special something to help you propel yourself through the day, try to do the following.

One Day Isn’t a Lifetime

Nothing can ruin a day like knowing you have to do something you are dreading. Things like doctor appointments or incredibly challenging interviews always get me in a tizzy and keep me down until the event is over. The only two things that can ever get me out of bed on days like this are: (1) I will learn valuable skills by “beating” these obstacles… and (2) I will treat myself to something once the task is done.

Doing challenging things for work and not canceling those scary doctor appointments is good for you — nerve-wracking events challenge you and make you stronger. And so what if you have to bribe yourself with a little something to stay on the ball? I always go into tough situations feeling a bit better knowing that a nice breakfast, a glass of wine, or a peaceful nap awaits me.

Each Day Has a New Meaning

While we all want to have successful lives, we never gain that success in a single day. When I was in grad school, I kept on thinking, “How can I get excited about finishing something that’s so far in the future?” But once I started viewing each finished assignment and completed edit as a new open door, I started to find meaning in every project. To this day, I still find satisfaction in writing a succinct article, or sending off a creative story pitch. Knowing that each of these small daily actions are leading to a better future makes each day more tolerable.

Nourish the Hell Out of Your Body

Yes, coffee and fresh water in the morning are great ways to get an early morning jolt. But making sure you have something yummy that you’re going to eat at every meal can help you maintain your vigor during the day. After all, it’s all that healthy food and drink that help you stay active and social.

Let us know your favorite techniques for beginning each day with a smile! Share your comments on our Facebook page.

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