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4 Ways to Stay Upbeat While Tackling Your To-Do List

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Most people have at least one daily task on their to-do list they abhor. Perhaps it’s doing the dishes, or folding laundry, even though none of these chores are really difficult, or terrible. And, in truth, we (silly people) make tasks more monotonous by going about chores in a lackluster manner. But going about daily deeds in a thoughtful manner can boost your mood and keep you out of doldrums.

1. Pre-chore booster

If you’re like me, you try to procrastinate chores away. If you must waste time before getting down to business, try and make a cute, colorful, handwritten to-do list. Need to buy some groceries? Doodle a carrot and a rabbit. A little creativity can get you jazzed and in the mood to work.

2. So, why am I doing this?

Ask yourself why you have a task on your list. How long has the chore resided on your list? If the task has been on your list for more than two weeks, why haven’t you finished the “to-do” yet? Maybe you’re scared to finish the task (you don’t want to make your annual doctor appointment because you’re scared what your physician may find).

Identifying why you have and have not completed some tasks may give you better insight into what you’re feeling and thinking. And when you have a better handle on what you feel and need, you have a better chance at actually finishing tasks. It may be difficult to really confront why you’re putting some tasks off, but it will help you move on with your life – and your list.

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3. Be grateful

Sometimes the laundry pile in my room gets so big that I’m ashamed to even look at it. I’d rather throw a sheet over the mess and ignore the slightly stinky heap.

We all feel exhausted at times and averse to taking on some tasks. But when exhaustion kicks in, we need to look at the bigger picture. Sure, I don't really like folding my laundry, but I’m grateful for all the beautiful clothing I own. My clothes protect me and keep me warm.

Be grateful for the things you have. Then, doing the task that’s associated with the chore you dislike won’t seem so terrible.

4. Keep it fun

When I was a kid, I would dare myself to finish a task within thirty minutes. If I didn’t finish my chore “on time,” I would imagine that a large, hairy monster would come out of the closet and chase me around my house. This thought always put a spark in my step and would help me get through my chores quickly.

Now, I don’t necessarily imagine a large, hairy monster chasing me when I’m trying to convince myself to clean the floors, but I do keep it fun. I look at every task like it’s an opportunity – a chance to play. Keeping things playful and fun helps me get through my daily chores quicker.

Resource: Free People's BLDG 25 blog

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