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The Easiest Way to Restore Gut Health (Like, Ever)

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The Easiest Way to Restore Gut Health (Like, Ever)

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Since most days are a stress-filled blur, it's no wonder we take shortcuts to survive the grind—skimping on sleep, having an affair with our couch, and eating at sketchy fast food joints, just to name a few. In the short-term, these go-to moves are convenient, but in the long-term they don't do your gut health any favors (and when your gut health is out of whack, everything else is too). So when I learned about Family Flora, a new line of probiotics that help keep your gut flora in check, I lunged at the opportunity rationally decided to try it.

Sure, it'd be nice to always eat the right foods, score the right amount of shuteye, and bank the recommended daily dose of exercise—you know, without your Netflix queue seducing you. But your lifestyle's hectic, which means it's probably not providing the necessary flora you need to digest food properly, fight off disease and allergies, not to mention keep those brain waves waving like they're in a parade.

That's where Family Flora's line of uber-convenient probiotics come in. There are four different products in the line, formulated to cater to your specific needs—Daily Balance, Flora Renew, Colon Support, and Traveler's Relief—all of which come in powder form. Translation: Finally, a line of probiotics you don't have to refrigerate. You also don't have to worry about pesky things like artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners: Family Flora delivers probiotics and prebiotics from organic, non-GMO inulin and not from cornstarch.

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I tried the Daily Balance powder for 30 days, and the experience was so life-changing that I wanted to twirl in a meadow and sing "The Hills Are Alive." (No, but seriously.) Anxiety and I go way back: It's tainted my relationship with food for as long as I can remember—and being that practically every social experience revolves around eating, it made my social life perma-awkward too. Either I'd eat and feel so crappy afterward that I'd barely remember the socializing part, or hold out on eating and hallucinate that my bestie's head was a giant turkey leg.

Sticking to healthy habits isn't exactly my forte, so I appreciated how convenient and versatile the probiotics were. Each box contains 30 single-serving packets that you can add to any cold drink or food—without impacting the flavor of it. Sprinkling it in my water became my method of choice, but I also enjoyed it in my morning smoothies (and sometimes in yogurt).

After using the first packet, I felt a difference almost immediately. My stomach was a lot calmer, and my mind felt less scattered. Later that same week, I visited my mom (who had no idea about the review I was doing), and she was taken aback by how different I looked: I had color in my face for the first time in... well, ever, and no longer camouflaged with her (stark white) drapes.

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As I continued using the Daily Balance powder, it improved much more than just my gut health. I've been struggling with chronic fatigue for quite some time now—so much so, that the only time I'm not twisting in a hurricane of anxiety is when I'm unconscious. But after only a week of using the powder, things that would normally send me into a tailspin weren't having the impact on me that they used to. (I even waited for my normal reaction to kick in, but nothing.) You don't realize how much time you're wasting on strategies dedicated to not feeling like crap until something like this comes along and parts the clouds for you.

The biggest change since using the powder has been my appetite. As in, I finally have one. (I also don't have to spend time curled up in the fetal position after I eat anymore, which is a huge bonus.) While it'll take a long time to adjust to my newfound freedom (and even longer to repair my hate/hate relationship with food), I'm grateful there's a simple, convenient product available to help me out—one that doesn't involve taking medication or going on a ridiculously specific (and expensive) diet.

But what I love most about this line of Family Flora products is they don't just put a band-aid on the symptoms of poor gut health: They repair the root causes so that you can finally get back to your regularly scheduled programming (pun totally intended). Because when your gut's balanced, everything else is too. Want to know more about Family Flora? Check out the Amazon reviews here.

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